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Great Work Gallery

I hope you enjoy the wonderful images in our Great Work Gallery.

Thank you to all the children that have sent in their work.


Thank you to Isla for sending in this great gorilla picture. 

It's Brilliant!

Laura and Sara have created wonderful gorilla pictures.

Well done girls, you are amazing artists!

Jayden was inspired by the puppet workshop video and he has written a character description of his bear, Jake, and also described the setting of his story.

Additionally, Jayden created a story that he shared with the group on Google Classroom. Is the ending happy or sad?

Alessia has been really enjoying the Willy the Chimp stories and has worked very hard to complete the activities linked to the stories. She has sent me this excellent piece of work.

Thank you, Alessia. I'm really pleased that you are enjoying the English work.

Laura and Sara sent me these wonderful photos of their fantastic art work. 

I hope you all enjoy them. 

Thank you, girls.

Joyce sent me in a photo of herself working hard on her mathematics and another one of her receiving an award from Kumon for her hard work and achievement.

Well done, Joyce, keep up all of your amazing effort!

Isla has sent in this amazing recipe and photo for us all to see. Thank you, Isla. I'm glad you are enjoying completing the activities. Keep up the good work!

Dominic sent me these wonderful photos showing his hard work. Thank you Dominic. I am very impressed!

Thank you, Joyce, for sending in these photos of your wonderful work!

I'm glad you are enjoying completing your tasks. Keep up the hard work!

Thank you Alessia for sending in these photographs of her amazing science work. You are a super scientist, Alessia! Well done!

Thank you to Joyce for working so hard on her English and mathematics tasks and for sending me photos of her excellent work.

Keep up the hard work, Joyce!

Thank you to Laura and Sara for their super science work. It is very colourful and shows us how we must care for our planet. 

Keep up the great work, girls!

Isla has sent me this lovely drawing of two flamingos. It is a wonderful picture! Thank you, Isla!

Thank you to Joyce for sending me a photo of her completing her work. It is very neat. Well done, Joyce!

Thank you to Laura and Sara for sending in these wonderful photographs of their excellent work.

Keep up the hard work, girls!

Dominic has been working hard on all of his activities and he has sent me some photographs.

He has been a super scientist and observed lots of trees and leaves.

Laura and Sara have sent me their fantastic French work.


Merci beaucoup. 

Aidan has written about a dream. It is quite scary! Thank you for sending in your lovely piece of writing Aidan.

Jayden has been studying many different types of trees and plants. He sent me these wonderful photographs! Thank you Jayden. You are a super scientist!

Well done to Sara and Laura for completing the spelling test and times tables test on Friday. They sent me a photo of themselves looking very happy doing the tests.

Alessia has been very busy and very creative! Thank you for sending me such wonderful work for the Great Work Gallery, Alessia!

Isla has been enjoying 'The paper bag princess' and has produced some lovely work. Thank you for sending it to me.

  Thank you, Gauthier, for sending in your incredible castle picture.

Aidan has sent another piece of work for our gallery. It's an excellent drawing of a castle.

Look at all the details he has included.

I have just received this photograph of Joyce completing her school work. Thank you for the photo. Your work is beautifully presented!

On Thursday, I was sent these photos of Aidan's wonderful work and a picture of him practising the piano. Well done, Aidan. Keep up the hard work!

On Wednesday I received an amazing whale picture by Gauthier. Well done, Gauthier!

I also hear you are practising the trumpet. I'm looking forward to hearing you play us a delightful tune when we return to school.

On Tuesday 28th April, I received photographs of lovely work completed by Isla. Thank you, Isla!

I also received wonderful written work from Alessia and an amazing photograph of a snail against their window! Thank you, Alessia!

I have received a very creative piece of artwork from Jayden. It is absolutely wonderful!

I have also received some lovely work from Laura and Sara and a photograph of them beautifully colouring artwork. Well done, girls!

Dominic has sent me photographs of his fantastic work! Keep up the hard work, Dominic!

Beware, Dominic's acrostic poem is very scary!

Children,  if ​you would like to send a sample of your work to your teacher, or a photograph of you doing an activity, please feel free to email the school via:  Remember to ask your parents' permission first! We look forward to hearing from you!


Parents, the email will then be forwarded on to your child’s teacher so please add the teacher’s name into the subject of the email.

We will not post any photograph of a child next to their name, as per our E-Safety policy, but we may name children’s work.


Disclaimer: If you do not want the information sent to this email address to be posted on the class page then please state clearly in the email; otherwise teachers may add these images to a gallery so that children can see what their friends have been doing during the school closure.