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Guidance to help children understand

Dear Parents,

I have attached lots of resources to support the children emotionally before and when they return to school.


There are some nice little stories to help children understand a little more.


There are also some booklets that the children could complete at home to express how they are feeling.


I have also attached some social stories on what social distancing means for those coming back to school.


Please take your time to read through and share with your child to help them cope at home and to cope if they are returning to school.


Therapeutic stories can help explore strong emotions relating to coronavirus and feelings related returning to school.

Read the story The Little Elf who missed his Birthday Party.


Please complete this activity with children to help in guiding conversation.

Follow the guidance for adults about this sotry in the PDF file.


If your child is returning to school on the 22nd June you can complete some pages in the little book of changes.

If your child is not returning to school - you can read and simple discuss the story.