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Dear Parents and Children,


I hope you have had a relaxing break over Christmas and the New Year.

As you already know, we will not return to school on Tuesday the 5th of January but instead will have live lessons via Google Classroom.

A timetable will be posted on the class page on Monday the 4th of January by 4pm, which outlines the live lesson plans for the week.

Resources will be posted onto Google Classroom and this will be the main place of contact for the duration of home learning.


You may wish to consider the following to help prepare your child for home learning:

• Have a quiet, tidy area for your child to work in

• Ensure your child has access to Google Classroom – laptops/desktops or tablets/iPads are ideal

• Saving passwords and usernames or having them written down next to the device being used is advisable

• Headphones can provide better sound quality, they are not necessary as the laptops/Ipads will have speakers

• Check login details prior to Tuesday the 5th January

• Have basic equipment (paper, pencil, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils/crayons, scissors, glue stick) available so that your child can complete the set tasks.

A note book can keep work together or if you can, please keep paper work together. This work can be kept and handed to the teacher on the day we return to school.

• Help your child to upload work onto the Google Classroom page when completed

• Encourage your child to try their best I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.


Miss Cullen

Google meet with the teacher will take place at the following times:

10:30, 12:30 and 2:30


Please do your best to be prompt.

Sign into Google Classroom with your child's username and password.

Click on the meet link that will be posted in the class stream section.

Please click the link below for google classroom instructions and information:

Google meet Rules:


Ensure live sessions are shown in appropriate places in your home (i.e. against plain wall or away from your child’s bedroom).

• Remember that your child’s surroundings are always visible during live sessions.

• Other household members and pets should not be visible.

• Staff, parents or students may not photograph or record any live sessions.

• Children should enter their Meet call on mute. Their camera can remain on.

• Children should only unmute their microphone if instructed by the teacher.

• Parents may be ‘around’ but must allow their child to participate independently, as if they were in a classroom.

• Children should be appropriately dressed for the session (no pyjamas etc).

• Children should not use the chat function on a Google Meet call unless asked to by their teacher.

• Children should ensure that they check the class page and Google Classroom stream regularly.

• Children are to attend virtual sessions unless there is a reason given by parents.

• Any child found not following the digital rules will be removed from the class meet by the teacher.

• If a child is removed from a class session, they should not reenter the call. The teacher will notify the parent of any disruption to the session, where needed and possible.


Thank you for your continued support with your child’s education during this time.

Reminder about rules that were sent out in a letter to parents from Miss Pluckrose:


Parent/Child Remote Learning and Remote Education Expectations


Parents are kindly asked to agree to the following to enable the delivery of quality remote learning during periods of disruption: 


• Ensure children are available to learn remotely and attend live interactions with teachers when they are scheduled to do so. Any problems with devices or connectivity are to be reported to the school via

• Ensure that any communication with the class teacher supports the child’s learning and does not place an onerous amount of communication on the teacher, so they can focus on teaching and assessing the children. All communication with children and their parents will take place within school hours. Teachers may not reply to emails or other communications within 24 hours. If a request is urgent, please communicate via the school office 

• Please communicate with our staff respectfully. They are delivering home education within our school expectations whilst managing to work within their own family homes and circumstances. 

• If you have technical questions not about the learning, please email and your questions will be forwarded to our technician

All children using video communication must:
• Communicate in groups – one-to-one sessions are not permitted. Teachers will terminate the session immediately if for any reason only one pupil is present.
• Set their username as their full name (first name / surname) to ensure only pupils in the class are admitted to sessions. Pupils who cannot be readily identified by username will not be admitted to sessions.
• Mute themselves on entry to the meeting (and only unmute when invited to do so) so everyone has the chance to be heard
• Not alter their ‘backgrounds’ as this affects stream quality
• Have a notepad and pen/pencil available to take notes if required.
• Wear suitable clothing – this includes others in their household. Uniform is not necessary.
• Be situated in a suitable ‘public’ living area within the home with an appropriate background – ‘private’
living areas within the home, such as bedrooms, are not permitted during video communication.
• Use appropriate language – this includes others in their household who may be audible in the background.
• Maintain the standard of behaviour expected in school. Children must follow the school and class rules
including no eating (and drinking) during live sessions.
• Use the necessary equipment and computer programs as intended.
• Not record, store, or distribute video material without permission.
• Ideally wear headphones to maximise the audio quality in shared sessions, although this is not essential.
• Always remain aware that they are visible and audible (when not muted).
• Parents should settle the children and then leave them to the live session. Parents should not need to sit with
their child through any video sessions unless by prior agreement with the school
 Parents should not attempt to engage the class teacher directly during live video teaching. This may result in the session being terminated, or that pupil having their link to the session terminated.