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Friday 25.09.20





Your maths task is to revise column method addition. Complete the worksheet below and remember to show your carrying and present your work neatly. I have also included the answer sheet so you can check your calculations. Please do not look at the answer sheet until you have completed the questions.


Your humanites task is to complete a poster/ fact-file on the topic of Ancient Greece. This can be completed by hand on a sheet of paper or completed digitally and printed off.

Be sure to find lots of interesting facts and make sure that it is colourful and eye catching.

Monday 21st September



Your homework today is to learn your spellings for Friday's test. Learn all 23 words, unless you have been asked to learn the first 10 only.

The year 5 spellings can be found on the link titled spellings. Please be sure to learn the year 5 words and not the year 6 list, as both have been posted.



My apologies for the problem with Friday's Mathletics homework. Due to technical issues the tasks I assigned on Friday did not save. I have assigned the same activities for today's homework instead. 

Friday 18.09.20



Your English task is to complete a character profile for the Gorgon Medusa. Think about what adjectives, expanded noun phrases and similes you can use to bring your description to life. I have sent sheets home for this, but I have also attached a digital copy below.



Your maths homework for the weekend has been set on Mathletics. I have given you all a copy of your user name and password, but they should have remained the same as last year. 

If you have not managed to complete the previous homework set on Mathletics, please ensure it is all completed by Monday.

Monday 14.09.20


As usual on a Monday, you have a set of spellings to learn. Click on the spelling star to find a list of year 5 spellings.



Maths homework is on Mathletics. The whole class have been given their logins and passwords today. Please keep these in a safe place for future reference.

Friday 11th September



Look at the worksheet and expand the numbers. I have given an example below.


34567=   30,000+4,000+500+60+7


The answers are included in the second sheet, please do not look at them until you have finished.



Your English task is to research a myth or legend of your choice. You may complete this work either on paper or electronically, if you have a computer and printer at home. You can include some illustrations to go with your writing.


Things to consider

  • Where in the world did the myth originate?
  • What makes this myth interesting or exciting?
  • Roughly how old is this myth?
  • When was it first recorded?
  • Does it feature any creatures?
  • Does the story have a hidden message?