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Please create a fact file on Cleopatra. This should be quite an impressive piece of work including illustrations, facts, timelines and whatever else you choose to include. 


Firstly, research Cleopatra. I have included a PowerPoint with some facts on it but you could use the internet to search for videos, information and facts. Ask your parents for permission first.


Secondly, plan out your work. What will it look like? Where will you include the timeline? How will you depict your representation?


Thirdly, create your work. It may take you some time.


Finally, please do not forget to take a photograph of your work and send it to me.


Your work must include:

- a timeline

- key facts

- illustrations

It could even include links to Shakespeare (his play Antony and Cleopatra)


Well done, children for all your hard work.

the Story of Cleopatra - an animated movie

Flash animation by Mira