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Letters and Sounds

This week we look at the sound 's' for 'snow'.

Can you find some objects beginning with 's' and put them in a little box or bag? If you can't put the actual thing in the box then take a photo or draw a picture of it and put that in the box.

Maybe by the end of the week you will have found at least 3-4 or even more items and we can make a little 's' book with all our items in it. Let's give it a go!

We can also play 'I spy with my little eye......' and someone in your family has to guess which item you are looking at. I will send some colouring in pictures and the ones beginning with 's' could be coloured in and put in your sound box, too.

We'll have a tab for every sound we are doing during this remote learning phase but we will repeat the sounds we've covered on a regular base. You are doing great! Thank you for all your contributions.