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Lovely pictures

Another delightful boat from this cheerful boy! An impressive boat. It seems to be made from a water bottle and has just enough sand in it to make sure that it floats and does not sink. The sails are very jolly and creative. I don't know if he has noticed that two pirates appear to be sailing away in the boat!


Look at this delightful picture of this lovely girl with her fabulous boat. It floats very well, I love the gold decoration. Her doll seems to be enjoying the ride on this impressive boat.

This little girl has been very busy with her work. She has been growing parsley, baking cakes and planting flowers. She goes for a walk every day and has had fun in the garden on the trampoline with her brothers and sisters.

Here are some beautiful pictures of this joyful girl!

She enjoyed a lovely walk in the park with her puppy and loved looking for flowers. Miss Gale is loving these snazzy shades!

She also has been doing lots of baking including gingerbread men.

These look delicious! Hasn't she become a little baker! Please can you send some in the post?

Delightful pictures of this lovely girl enjoying her special day! What an amazing smile and a delicious cake! Sending lots of love from everyone in year 1!