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Lovely pictures

What a lot of fantastic learning you are getting up to children. Lovely to see you playing and working so well! Keep it up you superstars!




This wonderful child misses her friends very much! She has finished reading Gags and is trying to  read Harry Potter and the philosopher stone, copying her siblings. Keep up the amazing reading!


The Tooth Fairy has been to visit someone!


This little boy has been up to some super phonics work sorting the 'hard' and 'soft' g sounds, labeling a plant and he even created his own astronaut. How clever! I wonder what he called his astronaut? Maybe Buzz, Neil or Helen?

Super learning! Just take a look at the wonderful gardening from this green fingered boy! He'll have some beautiful plants in no time. 

Oh my goodness, its Bertie!! So pleased to see that this little girl has been taking good care of him. They will both have so many stories to tell about their adventures together!