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Mathletics Certificates

I have seen that a lot of you are doing Mathletics.  Well done!  I have set new activities for you to complete and when you have done those, you can do as much Mathletics as you like and earn a GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE certificate.


As the certificates have your full name on, I can't post them.  However, I will write your name in the Mathletics Hall of Fame.  WELL DONE!!!


July Certificates

Remember, you still have time to earn a certificate for this month.






Keep working hard everyone.

June Certificates

Well done to:


GOLD: Luke!

SILVER: Luke, Sienna, Annie, Sebastian, Elsie, Stanley, Juan

BRONZE: Oscar, Luke, Raphael, Sienna, Cormac, Annie, Sebastian, Beatrice, Elsie, Max, Stanley, Juan.


Keep working hard everyone.

May Certificates

Well done to... 


GOLD: Sienna!

SILVER:  Oscar, Sienna, Beatrice, Elsie, Annie, Max.

BRONZE: Oscar, Kael, Gabriel, Luke, Raphael, Olivia, Sienna, Cormac, Sophia, Annie, Sebastian, Genevieve, Beatrice, Elsie, Max, Stanley, Juan.


Keep working hard everyone.

April Certificates

Well done to...


GOLD: Sebastian!

SILVER:  Annie, Cormac, Elsie, Juan, Max, Orla, Olivia, Raphael, Sebastian, Sienna.

BRONZE: Kael, Luke, Juan, Orla, Olivia, Sienna, Annie, Max, Cormac, Beatrice, Elsie, Sophia, Raphael, Sebastian and Stanley.


Keep working hard everyone.

March Certificates

Well done to...


GOLD:  Annie, Elsie

SILVER:  Sebastian, Olivia, Sienna and Max



Keep working hard everyone.