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Dear parents/carers,


Thank you to those who have contacted me about tests. To confirm, the following will be sat in school.

- Banding test arrangements on behalf of The St Marylebone CE School, The Grey Coat Hospital, St Augustine’s CE High School and Bi-Borough Admissions (after St Mary's testing week in the w/b 23.11.2020)

- IESB test for Putney High school, JAGs and Alleyn's


This list may be updated. I will let you know as soon as I hear of any other changes/additions to this list.


With kindest regards and many thanks for your continued support.


Ms Lankester



Dear parents and carers,


I do hope that you had a chance over the half term break to rest and recuperate. The children have come back with great enthusiasm and are working hard. Thank you for the support you give them at home. 


We intend for the children (whose secondary school applications require it) to sit the IESB or any external testing in school during the first week of December. Please can you send a message via the school office confirming that your child is one of these. I know the names of those applying to Alleyn's and Putney High School already.


Thank you once again for your unwavering support. 


Ms Lankester



Dear parents and carers,


Thank you for meeting with me during our virtual parents' evening. It was great to speak with you all and discuss your child.


Homework for half term will be as follows:

- grammar paper

- reading paper

- arithmetic paper

- two reasoning papers

- 'The Other Side of Truth' by Beverley Naidoo (to start reading)


There is a lot for your child to complete over the half term and I am sure it will keep them occupied. They will be bringing the homework back today (19.10.2020) and it needs to be back in school by Monday 2nd November so that it can be looked at in school.


Many thanks for your continued support and I hope you manage to have a peaceful break during the half term.


With every best wish,


Ms Lankester



Dear parents/carers,


Some of you requested recommendations for good verbal and non-verbal reasoning books. My colleagues have suggested the Bond books to be the most prescriptive and of use to the children. Please find a picture attached so you know what to look for.


Kindest regards,


Ms Lankester




Dear parents and carers,


Many thanks for your continued support and patience as we have started this slightly strange new academic year. The children are continuing to settle well and are impressing me with their knowledge and renewed enthusiasm to education. They have worked exceptionally hard today on creating biographies about Anne Frank - you should be very proud of them.


Your child will have brought home their test papers this week, please go through with your child if you have the opportunity. We will revise in class also but find time at home to be of great value too.


Don't forget to donate if you can for our Harvest liturgy. There is a small collection starting in our classroom starting already - this will be gratefully received by the Ace of Clubs.


Finally, parents' evening starts next week. I have posted the times above and we will use your child's Google Classroom to meet virtually (if you have chosen that option). If the timings do not work, please send an email 'FAO Ms Lankester' via the school office email address and I will rearrange for you.

1. Log in as your child (use top right hand corner of Chrome to check. Some families have been unable to log in as they are already logged in on their personal Google account)

2. Click the meet link at the top of stream at the same time I have given you


Many thanks once again for your support during these trying times. I will keep you and your families in my prayers.


Kindest regards,


Ms Lankester


Dear Year Six (that is right - you are now Year Six!),


I hope this message finds you all as well as can be and enjoying the summer holidays. You have been very determined this year in spite of massive changes to your lives and school environment. Already, I am very proud to be your teacher and excited to have you in our class.


Tomorrow, I will be going into school. My aim is to set our classroom up and take photos so you can see what it will look like. Naturally, some walls will be bare as I await your arrival on Wednesday 2nd September - a teacher cannot fill the classroom if their students have not yet produced beautiful work.


If you would like to, there is an optional piece of work in the 'Classwork' section. It is a letter that you can write to me. You might wish to tell me:

- how your summer holidays have been

- what your final days of Year Five were like

- your feelings about coming back to school

- what makes you excited about Year Six

- something I should know about you to help me teach you in the best way possible

Remember to start your letter with 'Dear Ms Lankester' and end with 'Yours sincerely'. Your letter writing will take no longer than thirty minutes.


I am very much looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks.


God Bless. Ms Lankester