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Monday 11th May

Good morning children it is Monday 11th May. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to work hard this week! 




Mr Naughton has created a handwriting power point which I have added below. There is a slide for each day of the week so spend 10-15 minutes each day practising. 


Find below a power point about subordinating conjunctions. (Remember all the conjunctions on the bunting above Mrs Bennett?!)


There is a worksheet below to show the sort of sentences you may write but you can choose to do your own in your work from home books if you rather. Your CPG book will also help you if you look in the index for subordinate clauses. 





We'll be moving on with our White Rose program this week. Year 4 you will be looking at decimals, look through the power point then work through the questions below.


Year 3, decimals are not on your curriculum so you'll be going over place value. I think you'll be able to tackle the Year 4 work though so feel free to have a look and have a go. 



Giving all


I want you to think about your parents. The things they do for you. How they care for you and look after you. The sacrifices they have made for you and of course your mummies carrying you for 9 months before you were born. Working hard to pay for the things you need and perhaps things you don't need but want. 


I want you to write a little piece about your mum or your dad or both. Maybe you have a grandparent or grandparents who help your parents to take care of you. You could tell me about them too. Title your work Giving All and tell me about how your mum/dad etc give their all to you. 


You could draw a picture of a special place you've been together or something you do regularly with your parent/s. (Perhaps they read to you in bed as a special treat, watch you at your sports club etc.) And of course how they are taking on the burden of teaching you as well as being your parent.