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Monday 13th July

Good morning children it is Monday 13th July and the last week of term! A really big well done for getting to the end of this rather strange school year. I will see Group A tomorrow and Group B on Thursday and then all of you one last time on Friday.


Thanks to those who came down to the common on Friday it was lovely to see so many of you after so long! Your parents should have all received your reports via email now. I hope they are as proud of you as I am. There is always room for improvement of course, so listen when your parents inform you of the areas you could try even harder. 


As it's the last week your work will be slightly less structured but hopefully a little bit more fun. I would still love to receive photos etc from you (even if it's not entirely work based :D)




I would like you to write a couple of paragraphs into your work books about your memories of Year 3. Although we missed nearly half of our year together we still did an awful lot between September and March. Think about the bullet points below to help jog your memories. 


  • New start in the class...classmates..teachers...lockers!
  • Fairy Tales & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Christmas Carol Concert.
  • Our class Liturgies and Retreat with Fr. Richard.
  • Lower Junior Choir and other clubs you've been part of.
  • Art Week - Day of the Dead sculptures.
  • Eat them to defeat them cooking class....samosas....
  • Being allowed into the court!
  • Opera performance and the Pantomime. (Robin Hood)
  • Washing your hands more thoroughly than you could possibly imagine.

And I'm sure you can remember many more than me!


Maths - The Mystery of the Missing Sacks on Sports Day



Monday afternoon is music so head over to Miss Hume's music page for your latest lessons. If you would like to practise (for our last all class meeting on Friday) that would be a good use of your time. If you can record yourself and would like to send it in that would be lovely also.