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Monday 15thJune

Good Morning St Mary's nursery children!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you had a very good weekend and that you are refreshed and ready for another week of learning and fun.

Have you read Miss Pluckrose's letter? You have to click on the icon at the top of our class page.

But first our prayer:

There is also a collective worship in the 'Liturgy' icon on the top of the nursery class page. It's a powerpoint with Miss Pluckrose reading. I hope you enjoy it.

Did you see any of the Queen's official birthday ceremony?

I was woken up by the sound of horse shoe noises. They were the horses that are training in the street to know exactly what to do when they have to take part in those big parades. I will put some more information on today about horses and ponies and you can also have a bit of role play with stick puppets.

What do you know about horses? Have you seen one in real life? Do you remember what their babies are called?

You have done some colouring in of horses before but why don't you give it a go to draw a whole family of horses - a mummy horse, a daddy horse and one or two foals.

This week we will be talking about families - our close family and also our extended family. Can you ask your parents about your mum's parents and dad's parents? Tomorrow we will learn a bit more about our family tree. That's your research for tomorrow.
And the last thing for today is a poem. Remember I said on Friday that a very special treat would be a ride in a hot air balloon. You see the world from above like a bird. What would you see if you were high in the sky right now? Maybe you can draw a picture of houses and the streets and maybe a park or gardens. It could be a little map of your local environment. Enjoy the poem.

Hot Air Balloon

Have a lot of fresh air today. You can go for a walk in the park if you don't have a garden. See you tomorrow.