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Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 1!

Welcome to a new week of learning. smiley


Morning message - 18.05.20



What is the date today? Remember to use full sentences.



May is the month of Mary. 
Let’s start our day with a prayer.


Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.


See the link below to join in for our Monday liturgy with your families. There is also a special PowerPoint for the month of Mary. Can you learn the Rosary?



What fun things did you do at the weekend? I baked a banana loaf with chocolate chips. It was very yummy.





  • Handwriting and Phonics/reading
  • Grammar: suffixes -er and -est
  • English: No Thank You story
  • Maths: Introduction to fractions: whole and halves
  • RE: Pentecost: The church's birthday





Daily handwriting and phonics: Please aim for 30 minutes (15 each) of handwriting and phonics per day. 



Grammar: This week we are learning about the suffixes -er and -est where there is no change to the root word. A suffix is a word part that's added to the end of a root word to change the meaning. 

Grammar and phonics with Miss Tanner






English: Read a short humorous story; sequence events from a story correctly; orally re-tell a story in as much detail as possible.

English with Miss Tanner

No Thank You - read by Miss Tanner






Maths: Today's activity focuses on whole fractions and halves.


Maths with Miss Tanner - Introduction to whole and half fractions


Please refer to the White Rose website under Summer term - Week 2 to watch the learning video for Lesson 1: Find a half (2).


Introduction to wholes, halves and quarters






RE: Today's activity focuses on Pentecost, the Church's birthday. 

RE with Miss Tanner

Happy birthday to the Church!

Pentecost Story

You can use your own resources at home or use the ones below.