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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Monday 1st June


Good morning children. Begin your day with some reflective time and look through the Pentecost Liturgy on the main class page. Listen to Miss Pluckrose and have some time either alone or with your family to think about the meaning of Pentecost. 




Your first task for the day is handwriting. You will need some paper and a pencil (or pen). There is a handwriting task for each day this week.


You will then find information about Pentecost. Read through the information and then try the cloze procedure that you can also find underneath. 




Year 3 & 4:


Find below another maths challenge. Work your way through the different clues to find the answer to the mystery. 



Find below a prayer template for Pentecost. I would like you to write a prayer for the last half term of our school year. Think about the school, your friends, families and teaching staff who you may not have seen for some time now. Think about those people who have suffered during this time and those people helping us all to carry on as best we can. 


You may have seen on the news that some more children will be returning to school soon as well as those key worker children who have been in school during lockdown (even the holidays!) Think about those children and the teachers who will be taking care of them. Finally think of those people who are alone and don't have someone to care for them. 


Decorate your prayers, make them beautiful and when they've been sent to me you can read the prayers of your friends too.