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Monday 20th April



Find today's Liturgy slides below. Read through them with your family and have some quiet time to reflect upon the Gospel reading. Once you have read through the Liturgy write your own prayer. It could be for someone you know who is having a difficult time or it could be more general I.E for the NHS or other key workers. Decorate your prayer and you could put it up in your window to spread happiness in your neighbourhood. 




Find below some work for you to do today. It's the Queen 94th birthday tomorrow! So there's a comprehension activity about the Queen for you to look through. There are three slightly different ones to choose (One star is easiest and three is the hardest). You could do some extra research about the Queen and make a fact file if you like! 




The maths work set is on the column method for addition. Have a look at the poster to remind you how to how to use the method. If the questions are too hard or too easy you can make up some of your own.