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Monday 20th April

Welcome back Year 1! Can you believe this is our last term of Year 1? The time has gone so quickly. Today is Monday the 20th of April and it is week 1. Even though it is still spring time, we call this time 'Summer term' at school because it is the last one before your summer holidays. Can you fill in our daily calendar? Practise sharing your sentences out loud with someone in your family. 



I know things are a little different on this first day of term because we are not at school. During this time we are going to learn at home but don't worry, because Miss Tanner and your parents are here to help you do the best you can! 


Before we go any further we have some special news!! Yesterday was Malachi and Luca P's birthday, who both turned 6 years old! Join along with the silly chipmunks to sing happy birthday to both Malachi and Luca P.


I hope you and your families are all safe and well. How was your Easter? Miss Tanner had a lovely Easter, but I think I may have eaten too much chocolate! Oppsies! smiley I hope you got to enjoy some yummy treats too. I have been spending my time learning lots of new recipes, colouring pretty pictures, watching some movies on Disney+ (Dumbo was my favourite) and enjoying some walks in the warm sunshine. I would love to see what you did over the holidays. Why not send in some lovely photos to share with the class. Send your pictures to You can find more details about this under the 'get in touch' page.





Daily handwriting and phonics

Please aim for 30 minutes (15 each) of handwriting and phonics per day. 

English task - ‘Dragon/Dinosaur’ told by Wilf Merttens

Dragon/Dinosaur, as told by Wilf Merttens

Maths task - Make 2-digit numbers; place them on a number line

Easter Story For Kids | He Is Risen