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Monday 22nd June

Good Morning Year 2

Challenge:  Listen to the audio of me reading the morning message.  Can you read along as I speak? 

Miss Writer's Morning Message

Today is Monday 22nd June, 2020.  I hope you had a great weekend.  Thank you to the children who joined me last week for our first trial of Google Classroom.  You were very helpful!  This week, you will receive an email with your log-in details for Google Classroom and a time to meet and chat with me and some of your class mates.  Make sure you ask Mummy and Daddy to look out for the email.  We can chat about what you are doing, how school work is, or you can show me something that you have done!  Go to the Google Classroom page to find out how to log-in.


You've got mail!  On Friday, Miss Pluckrose sent you her weekly letter which I posted on the Important Updates page.  I have posted it here too for you to read with your family after my morning message.  


Recently, on the news, you will have heard a lot about people protesting around the world for Black Lives Matter.  Sometimes things happen to people that are unfair and wrong because of their culture, race and colour of their skin and this happens today.  Here is a video to explain too.


If you and your family want to learn more please go to our Black Lives Matter page


Miss Pluckrose wanted to let you know that, at St. Mary's, we all support the Black Lives Matter movement.  You can read more about this in her letter.  

Joke of the Day!

What did one toilet say to the other?

You look flushed.

Start the day at 9am with calming Kung Fu yoga!

Morning Prayer

Father in heaven You love me. 

You are with me night and day.

I want to love You always,

In all I do and say.

I'll try to please You Father.

Bless me through the day.



Read through the Monday Morning Liturgy with your family.


Your tasks today:
Look on the 'Spellings and Times tables' page for your spellings to learn this week and revise 3/4 and 2/3 of a number up to 50.

Activity 1 - Maths


Go to Lesson 1 - Measuring length

1.  Listen to the video and answer the questions.

2. Open the worksheet below and answer the questions.

3.  Check your answers below.  Did you get it right?

Activity 2 - English

Today we are listening to a story called My Uncle is a Hunkle by Lauren Child.


Poor old Uncle Ted - there seem to be a lot of disasters when he is around!  Have you ever had a big disaster?!  What happened?



Listen to the story My Uncle is a Hunkle and then complete Question Booklet - Day 1.

Music Break

Monday 22nd June is Windrush Day where there will be borough wide celebrations to honour the great contribution to British society made by members of the Windrush Generation after the Second World War. 


Ms Hume is doing a special Windrush Day music lesson:


Watch this video on CBBCNews about the Windrush Generation.

Activity 3 - Art

Today, we are looking at the work of Henri Matisse.  


Matisee was born in France in 1869.  He trained to be a lawyer but then decided he wanted to be a painter!  As a young man he loved to paint and sculpt but when he got older he had to go into a wheel chair and he could no longer paint.  Matisee was very clever - he decided to use scissors and cut out paper.  He called this painting with scissors.  He loved cutting out big, bold shapes with beautiful bright colours. His helpers stuck them up on walls for him.  


Watch these children looking at the work of Matisee.


Today, you are going to create your own painting with scissors.


You will need:

  • Piece of paper as your background
  • Different coloured paper (if you don't have this you could find some newspaper or magazines and cut them out instead)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

About Matisse and Your Art Project

Challenge:  Watch this lovely story called Matisse the King of Colour. 

Can you answer these questions:


Where did he paint his grandchildren?

Who came to look after Matisee when he was in his wheel chair?

What did Matisse build?

Why do you think he built it?