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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Wisdom & Faith

Monday 23rd November

Dear children, please begin your tasks by completing today's 'Morning Maths' activity:

  1. What is double 2?
  2. 2 x 4 =
  3. What is double 7?
  4. What is double 10?
  5. 2 x 5 =
  6. 2 x 9 =
  7. What is double 12?
  8. 2 x 11 =
  9. What is double 1?
  10. 2 x 50 =

Physical Education

Imagine you are different animals and try to move like them, without making noise or damaging anything in your house.

Can you jump like a frog? Bounce like a kangaroo?

Wriggle like a worm? 

How many hops can you do in a minute?

How many star jumps can you do in a minute?

Mathematics/ Computing

Today we are looking at bar charts and understanding the information on a bar chart.

Answer the questions on the sheet below:



Test your knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar by completing the sheet below: