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Monday 27th April

Morning all, hope you had a good weekend. Well done to the children who emailed me last week. Please feel free to email me as much as you like and if you have any other questions or queries not related to the work then I will try my best to help with those too. 




Find below some work about prefixes. If you cast your minds back we looked at these earlier this year and the presentation includes some new ones but you'll be familiar with them. Have a look through the presentation and try the examples and then have a look at the activity sheet and complete it. 





Today I'd like you to focus on short multiplication. Have a look below at the video from Khan Academy to remind yourselves of the method. If multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits is too tricky, start by multiplying 2 digits by 1. As you get more confident you might move onto calculating larger numbers but remember the method remains the same. 




As promised I went into school on Friday and took a photo to see how our evaporation experiment was coming along. As you can see the water level has dropped noticeably since February 13th. Now the bottle had remained in the same space since we started our experiment in January.


Although we can't say the temperature was perfectly consistent it wouldn't have changed much by my desk. Now the bottle has moved to the sink! Any of you that have sat on that back table know how much sunlight pierces that window! So have a think about what might happen to the water level now.


If we check it again in another couple of months what do you predict will happen? I measured that the water level had dropped by 6mm since Feb 13th. Where do you think it will be by the time we are back in school? Can you explain to your families what is happening?