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Monday 4th May


Good morning children it is Monday 4th May and it should be May Day Bank Holiday. But it's not! Who knows why the Government decided to move the Bank Holiday from today to this coming Friday? Not that we'll notice much not being in school anyway! 


Well done if you knew that this coming Friday is VE Day and the Bank Holiday has been moved to celebrate this special day. But what is VE Day?! It stands for Victory in Europe and marks the end of the Second World War. This year is a special anniversary as it has been 75 years since the end of the war. 


This week the work I'll be setting you will be related to VE Day and the Second World War.



Below is a powerpoint which describes what life was like for children in the Second World War. My own grandmother was an evacuee and she was sent from her home in Liverpool to live with a family in Wales where it was safer. 


Once you have read through the information there is a task for you. I want you to imagine you have to evacuate London and think about what things you would pack in your suitcase to take with you. You could actually pack a suitcase and take a photo to send to me, you could write a list or you could draw your items. It is up to you! 



Find below a multiplication and division board game to play with a sibling or parent. Once you've had a few games you could design your own board game following a similar design. You could link it to any part of maths (time problems, measurement etc) you like or you could add different maths problems for bonus points or have 'chance' and 'community chest' type cards like in Monopoly. 











Below you will find a map of Europe from 1941 (part way through the Second World War). One of the sheets below will tell you which 'side' each of the countries were allied tied at this time. Choose four different colours for the key at the bottom left corner of the map and then colour each of the countries depending on where their allegiance lay.