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Monday 6th July

Good morning children it is Monday 6th July. I'm sure most of you are aware that I am in school with the Year 5s this week which means I won't be able to see you as often on Google Classroom and the times will be shorter. Please find your work for today below.



It is the second last week of the school year and usually we would be starting to think about our next year at St.Mary's. Who will my new teacher be? Who will be in my class? Are a couple of the questions I always get asked at this time.


It's also an exciting for your teachers. Sometimes we get a year group and children we have taught before and sometimes we get a brand new class and we don't know much about you. So find below an 'All About Me' pack so that you can introduce yourself to your new teacher. You can use the template or write into your workbook/paper but the subheadings will give you an idea of how to lay out your work.



Monday afternoon is music time. Follow the link below to Miss Hume's lessons.