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Monday 1st June

Click on the link below to share in today's whole school liturgy. 

Just to clarify question 3 should read: What did Manyara do to her sister?

Apologies about that. 






Please learn your weekly spelling lists then complete 10 sentences using the spelling list in your exercise book.


Science task

Today, in science you are going to learn about food chains.

Watch the video clip attached to learn more about food chains/webs.

Have a look at the food chain below and have a think about the following questions:



  • How is a food chain constructed?
  • What do the arrows represent?
  • How should we label the different parts of the food chain?


Now please read the food chain vocabulary and definition cards. There are three levels to choose from. Choose one to read that fits best for you. Then cut out a selection of the food chain sorting cards and use this information to answer questions about food chains on the challenge cards attached.

What is a Food Chain?