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My Daily Diary

This is my diary.  I spend 10 minutes writing it a day but sometimes I don't write in it and that's OK.  It's fun because I can write about what I did, what I'm thinking about, and also how I feel that day.


1) Write the date

2) Write Dear diary

3) Say what has happened that day in chronological order - what did you do?  how did you feel?

4) Any wishes or hopes for tomorrow?

5) Draw a picture and decorate it.

Tuesday 1st April, 2020


Dear Diary,


Yesterday I played so many jokes on people!  We put a pretend cockroach on a lamp in the house and waited for someone to turn the light on.  When they did they screamed so loudly - we laughed so much.  We also drew a picture of a leek - the vegetable.  We put it under the sink in the kitchen and said, "There's a leek under the sink!"  My boyfriend came running in and said, "Where is the leek?  Where?!"  It took him ages before he realised that we were talking about a vegetable.  Leek - the vegetable and leak - as in a water leak. 


Hmmmm.... What are words called when they have the same sound but a different spelling and a different meaning?  Like... bat - the animal and bat - a cricket bat...  I can't remember.   I wonder if the children at school would know.


After that, we went for a bike ride by a canal.  It was quite cold under the shade of the trees but cycling raised our body temperature and got us warm much quicker.  Because we were by a river, there was lots of nature.  I heard a woodpecker but I couldn't see him anywhere.  All of a sudden, an enormous bird sprung from the reeds in the river.  It was a heron and he was enormous!


That night we had some chicken for dinner with lots of vegetables and we played Trivial Pursuit.  It is a kids and adults version.  My team won! We were all very pleased with ourselves.


Miss Writer

Monday 31st March, 2020


Dear Diary,


This weekend was a funny one.  All of a sudden, the weather has become so cold.  I didn't do my daily exercise workout but that's OK because I am doing it today!  At least I will do after my breakfast.


On Saturday I cycled to Crystal Palace which is near to where I live. 


Crystal Palace is where Prince Albert hosted the Great Exhibition in 1851 (it was actually first in central London).  People from all around the world came here to show off what they were good at.  For example they brought tractors and machines.  I bet they even bought an ice cream making machine!  Can you believe that 6 million people visited the Great Exhibition?  That was nearly a third of the population of the United Kingdom!  I wonder how many people there are in the United Kingdom today? 


Oh!  Did you know that there are dinosaurs in Crystal Palace?!  I couldn't believe it!


Monday is coming soon and I will be back to doing my daily exercise with Joe Wicks.  I wonder if the children at school are doing it too?


Miss Writer

Tuesday 24th March, 2020


Dear Diary,


Today I felt very energetic and I started my day with some exercise.  Wow!  I felt so much better after that although I did need to drink a lot of water.  


After that, I read my book.  It's a really interesting book about a young man who goes traveling in North America and then decides to take a trip into Alaska.  He's a very curious character.  I wonder what it would be like to travel around Alaska?  What is the weather like there?  I wonder if there are wolves there?  I don't know but maybe I can find out.  I could look it up on the internet perhaps.  


For lunch I made a soup with lots of vegetables and noodles.  I put a lot of chilli sauce on top (because I LOVE spicy food) but not too much though because I don't like it when I burn my tongue!


I hope it's a nice day again tomorrow.  I'm thinking of all you children and what you're doing.  I'm so excited to read your diaries!  


Miss Writer

Monday 23rd March, 2020


Dear Diary,


Today has been a very interesting day.  I can't believe it but I didn't actually go to school! 


First thing this morning, I spoke to my grandma on the phone for a very long time.  She told me that she had watered the flowers in her garden and made a delicious, tasty sandwich. 


Later that day, I went for a short walk.  It was a warm, sunny day and pink blossom was on the trees. I thought that they looked like candy floss or little pink pompoms. 


Lastly, I spent some time in my garden.  In the garden, I have two little robins and I think that they are brothers because they squabble all the time!


I hope the weather is sunny again tomorrow.


Miss Writer