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Note for parents and children - Updated 01.06.20

Check out the updated note below to parents and further below to children.


Dear parents:

 I hope you are all well and enjoyed the half-term holiday. Upon further lifting of some lockdown restrictions schools will begin to reopen to more children in Year 6, Year 1, Reception and Nursery from the 8th June. The aim is that children will now start to return to school on the dates shown in the table below. 


We ask that you please not send your child to school unless this has been agreed by the school in advance and you have been contacted directly.



For all children, the school week will change slightly, with the school open on a Monday through to Thursday. The school will be closed every Friday until further notice so that thorough cleaning can take place. All children will do learning from home on Friday's through the class page. Children who will be attending school Monday-Thursday will be doing similar tasks as to those set on the class page. 


Please see below where you can access the most recent updates.

For those not returning to school, our class page will continue to be our main point of contact. Morning messages and daily tasks will be uploaded daily under the star tab, in the Summer term 2 folder.


There will be three daily tasks, including an English and maths task and one other subject. Please spend no more than one hour on each activity. Children are encouraged to do 15 minutes each of handwriting practice and phonics/reading per day and complete their weekly spellings. Aiming for about three hours of study each day is a good average. It is always best to space out academic time with breaks and play time. We know that juggling childcare and work will be extremely difficult for many of you so we only ask that you do your best. Our priority is the health and safety of our students and their families.


Thank you again for your wonderful support and understanding during these difficult months. Stay safe and well.


Miss Tanner


Children thrive off routine and especially during this time of uncertainty, it is important for children to have a routine to feel secure and help them understand expectations. I encourage parents to promote a daily schedule, however this fits with your family. A simple sticker chart is also a great way to support praising good work and good behaviour.


The timetable below is solely to promote some stability and repetition in children's daily tasks. You can edit it so that it fits with your family and day to day life. As mentioned before, aiming for around three hours of learning each day is a good average - with lots of reading! The main priority is your child’s happiness and wellbeing. However you achieve this is fine. Learning should be balanced with lots of other things such as: play, making, baking and building. 




Dear children:

I hope you had a fun half-term holiday and are ready to learn lots of new things. Guess what!? This is your LAST term of Year 1! I cannot believe it. You are growing so fast and getting so much smarter. 


Take advantage of this time you're not in school. Read more, take the opportunity to be creative and make use of the things you have in your home. Remember you have logins for Lexia and Mathletics. Make use of these when you are away from school. I will continue to assign Mathletics tasks for you to complete. Check out the new page I made called Mathletics Hall of Fame. Can you get a GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE certificate before the end of Year 1? 

Thank you for sending me such lovely messages and all of your wonderful work and pictures during summer term 1. I'm looking forward to seeing more this term so make sure to continue sending me e-mails. I love hearing from you. smiley



Look in the home learning picture gallery to see lots of WOW work and what all of your friends are up to at school and home. 


A HUGE well done to you for all the hard work and effort with your school work. I am very proud of you all. I hope you're continuing to be a great helping hand around the house. Enjoy the new tasks this term. Remember to work hard and always try your best! I am missing you lots and keeping you in my prayers. Stay safe and well.


Miss Tanner




This is a great time for children to develop life skills through exploration and play, aside from academic work, such as: learning to tie your shoes, getting dressed by yourself, putting on a dance or play, cook or bake a recipe, plant some vegetables or flowers and many more ideas!