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Harvest Appeal

The Ace of Clubs

Thank you to all the families for your very generous donations to The Ace of Clubs 25th Anniversary appeal. Nursery children have been learning about giving and sharing. Your wonderful donations gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how important it is to share food especially with people who are less fortunate than us.

We managed to fill lots of bags to give to The Ace of Clubs charity.

Thank you very much everyone.

Welcome to the Nursery class page!
Your teachers this year are Mrs Pechnig and Mrs Mendelssohn.

These are our nursery staff members:


Mrs Mendelssohn (who works in the nursery on Mondays and Tuesdays) and

Mrs Pechnig (Tuesdays to Fridays).


Our teaching assistant is Ms Deans every day and lunchtime cover is provided by Ms Hume.

Welcome to all the new  children and parents who have joined this term and to our returning children from last term. They are all settling well and we have started to establish our routines in the nursery. At the moment we mainly focus on cleanliness and personal hygiene. Children are encouraged to use the toilet independently and always wash their hands afterwards.

It is important to update yourself with the latest information from school and guidelines from government. Please keep reading the letters from Miss Pluckrose which you can find on this page or on the homepage under 'Parents'.

If there is any query you can always leave messages or questions for us by email.


Here is the email address: to the attention of Mrs Pechnig/Nursery.


Thank you for your co operation.




We are learning about autumn colours and focused on the colour 'orange' this time. Thank you to all the parents who brought an orange item into school or a photo to make it more meaningful to the children.

Black History Month

We celebrated Black History Month in our school. It as a special time of year to learn about African-Caribbean history.

We offered opportunities for the children to make connections between different lives and cultures, the similarities and differences and the importance of accepting everyone.

Valuing and celebrating diversity is an integral part of our everyday practice in the Nursery.

Books and stories are a very powerful way of representing the world for young children, allowing them to explore different aspects of people’s lives. We read the story  of 'Handa's Surprise' and talked about different living places and had fun learning about exotic fruits.  

Can the children name any of the 7 special fruits from the story? Do they remember any of the animals? And which animal bashed its head against the tangerine tree? If you like you can watch it again on YouTube to refresh your memory. Have fun!


Picture Gallery

We enjoy the lovely weather and get to know each other. It is great to have our outdoor area where we are learning through play. We are having a lot of fun!
Please check this page regularly for important updates, resources, dates for your diary and pictures of children learning and playing in the Nursery.