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Please check regularly for letters and updates on this page or under the 'Parent' tab. Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you parents and children for your special cards and generous gifts. Have a happy and safe summer. Love from Mrs Pechnig and Miss Holmes 

Sports Day

Thank you everyone who made our Sports Day such a success. 

We had so much fun!


World Music Day:  

Thank you everyone for bringing homemade musical instruments in. Miss Hume is still handing out prizes for best effort. Well done everybody!


Welcome back.

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and that everyone in your family is safe and healthy. We are in Summer 2 term and our main focus is learning about 'Our World', the importance of water and how to look after ourselves.


The warm weather is great and we are spending a lot of time outside encouraging the children to make good use of our outdoor facilities.

We make sure that everyone drinks plenty of water and that we stay in shaded areas when it gets too hot. Thank you for putting sun cream on before starting school and many have bought sun hats for more protection.

Let's hope we are soon back to normal to be allowed to get together for special assemblies and music sessions but in the meantime we are enjoying each other's company and lots of opportunities to play and learn together in the nursery.

And what a busy term this is!

We did lots of gardening...

And then we had

Beach Day...

Art Week:  

We loved our Arty Party activities. Look at our beautiful sun and the lovely rainbow!

Busy Builders:

Let's hope that the nice weather continues to have lot's more fun and learning outside!


Parents Evening May 2021

Due to Covid restrictions still in place our meetings will be held by phone. Please check the time of your appointment and get back to us if there is a problem.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Spring Term Gallery

Happy Easter - Look: Our Easter baskets

It's Spring time - look at our lovely flower displays

Our first outdoor picnic

More gardening


Chinese New Year - the year of the Ox

Carnival - we love dressing up!

Spring term 1 - week 6

The Big Pancake (Read Aloud)

A classic! I paired this activity with a flipping pancake tricky word activity.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

My Monster and Me

Thank you to our lovely families who are doing a fantastic job teaching the children as best as we can. It was great to see some of you back in the nursery and a special welcome to our new children and their families.


We also want to say a very warm welcome to our new teacher Miss Holmes.

Miss Holmes will be in the nursery on Thursdays and Fridays.


We got pretty cold in the snow on Monday and Tuesday but it was so exciting to be able to build a little snowman.


Please read Miss Pluckrose's letter to the children. You can find it under the tab 'Letters from Miss Pluckrose'.


Please continue talking about the changes in temperature, our date as we soon change the month of the year to February and celebrating special days like Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Jesus's presentation in the temple on Tuesday 2nd February. We call this day Candlemas Day.

There won't be any Google Classroom live sessions as nursery is back from Monday 25th January 2021.

Welcome to another term of learning and fun in the nursery.

As you must have heard on the news, we are back to remote learning until further notice.

There has been a few changes since September. Ms Holmes is back from her maternity leave and will be teaching in the nursery. Welcome back Ms Holmes!

This time we also want to offer some live sessions on Google Classroom. Nursery children will be invited on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to three short sessions from tomorrow onwards at 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Please bear in mind that it is a new platform for learning for all of us and although we will invite you to participate, we do understand that not everyone is able to attend every session. Let's give it a go!

Here are some guidelines:

- please be dressed and comfortable

- follow classroom rules, pay attention when in a learning session

- all children remain muted until invited to contribute verbally

- have your camera switched on unless told specifically not to


Being Early Years some of the tasks will be practical and observational but we'll have a variety of RE related activities, stories, mark making/writing exercises and, if you can, print outs to complete.

Parents, thank you for all your support and please don't get too worried if your child/ren can't do everything all the time.

The length of the session depends on the topic/story but no more than 10-15 minutes. We'll always start with a prayer and registration and then look at a task. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. God bless.



Google Classroom Notice

All email addresses are

Ensure your child is logged in on their account and not another family member's google address.

See below link for further information


Welcome to the Nursery Christmas SURPRISE 2020 !!!

Planned Events for Christmas week:

Tuesday 15th December - 10.30am Google classroom LIVE performance

Wednesday 16th December - Christmas Show streaming or DVD "The Polar Express" or

                                                 "Happy Feet"

Thursday 17th December - Christmas Lunch and Elf Show with gifts from the PSA (own clothes but sensible shoes and warm as we will go outside before the lunch. Thank you.)

Friday 18th December - Final Liturgy (online) and Christmas Party (come in your own party clothes)

Home time on Friday 18th December is 1.20pm.

Thank you for all your support and co-operation.

         Merry Christmas

Nursery has been very busy

ADVENT: We have been learning about the 4 weeks before Christmas; preparing and getting ready for Baby Jesus

Cinema Day: We loved watching 'The Snowman' but most of all eating the special popcorn.

Welcome to the Nursery class page!
Your teachers this year are Mrs Pechnig and Mrs Mendelssohn.

These are our nursery staff members:


Mrs Mendelssohn (who works in the nursery on Mondays and Tuesdays) and

Mrs Pechnig (Tuesdays to Fridays).


Our teaching assistant is Ms Deans every day and lunchtime cover is provided by Ms Hume.

Welcome to all the new  children and parents who have joined this term and to our returning children from last term. They are all settling well and we have started to establish our routines in the nursery. At the moment we mainly focus on cleanliness and personal hygiene. Children are encouraged to use the toilet independently and always wash their hands afterwards.

It is important to update yourself with the latest information from school and guidelines from government. Please keep reading the letters from Miss Pluckrose which you can find on this page or on the homepage under 'Parents'.

If there is any query you can always leave messages or questions for us by email.


Here is the email address: to the attention of Mrs Pechnig/Nursery.


Thank you for your co operation.



So many activities:

Despite of all the restrictions from the government at the moment, we have been very busy in the nursery.

Mrs Mendelssohn made necklaces for morning and full time children as part of 'African Art' and Black History Month.

Then we talked about 'Fireworks'.

We emphasised that only grown-ups are allowed to light matches and make bonfires. Children are aware of the dangers and injuries that fires can cause.


Look at our fireworks displays


As part of our R.E. we talked about baptism. The children role-played 'Baptism' and learnt that water, light and oil are used as signs and symbols in our church.

Thank you to all the parents who sent a photo of their child's baptism in to add to their special book. Children love to look at those photos and often remember what you told them about that special occasion.

We role-played 'Baptism'

We also talked about Remembrance Day and made lots of Poppies.


Harvest Appeal

The Ace of Clubs

Thank you to all the families for your very generous donations to The Ace of Clubs 25th Anniversary appeal. Nursery children have been learning about giving and sharing. Your wonderful donations gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how important it is to share food especially with people who are less fortunate than us.

We managed to fill lots of bags to give to The Ace of Clubs charity.

Thank you very much everyone.


We are learning about autumn colours and focused on the colour 'orange' this time. Thank you to all the parents who brought an orange item into school or a photo to make it more meaningful to the children.

Black History Month

We celebrated Black History Month in our school. It as a special time of year to learn about African-Caribbean history.

We offered opportunities for the children to make connections between different lives and cultures, the similarities and differences and the importance of accepting everyone.

Valuing and celebrating diversity is an integral part of our everyday practice in the Nursery.

Books and stories are a very powerful way of representing the world for young children, allowing them to explore different aspects of people’s lives. We read the story  of 'Handa's Surprise' and talked about different living places and had fun learning about exotic fruits.  

Can the children name any of the 7 special fruits from the story? Do they remember any of the animals? And which animal bashed its head against the tangerine tree? If you like you can watch it again on YouTube to refresh your memory. Have fun!


Picture Gallery

We enjoy the lovely weather and get to know each other. It is great to have our outdoor area where we are learning through play. We are having a lot of fun!
Please check this page regularly for important updates, resources, dates for your diary and pictures of children learning and playing in the Nursery.