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Nursery - Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig

Welcome to the Nursery

Class Teachers: Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig



We really enjoyed Sports Day. We needed sun block and lots of water. The races were fun. We all got a sticker.

We have started to enjoy the nice warm weather. Despite the rain we had a great day on the 'Beach'! But most of all we liked the ice cream and the juicy water melon.

Thank you for all your contributions. We are looking forward to our next special event.

Our Day at the Horniman Museum

After the puppet workshop we went to the aquarium

And then we had fun in the Brick Wonders (Lego) Exhibition

But most of all, we love playing in the swing park

Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such an enjoyable day! We are looking forward to our next outing!

Look at our Easter Bonnets!

Our special topic for this half-term is 'Animals' 

Children will study farm animals, animals in the wild and pets. We will study animal babies, homes and animal patterns. We would appreciate any relevant materials, especially photographs of pets to share with other children.

Look at our picture gallery

We watched our caterpillars turn into butterflies

World Book Day - What character did you choose to be?

Pizza Making

The morning group visited the Pizza Express restaurant in Clapham where they were able to learn about and make own pizzas.

The afternoon group had an opportunity to make own pizzas, using fresh ingredients, in the Nursery. 

A great fun was had by all !



St Valentine's Day celebrations

Children made Valentine's Day cards and heart-shaped necklaces for their loved ones. They had fun dancing at the disco.

St Valentine's Day celebrations


Foundation Stage International Food Afternoon

Nursery and Reception children enjoyed finding out about where their families come from. They made flags representing countries of their origin and enjoyed tasting various food from around the world. It was delicious!

Foundation Stage International Food Afternoon



'Cinderella' pantomime

Children had great fun watching the live show of 'Cinderella'. It was a lovely, humorous performance with lively audience participation.

Thank you to the PSA for organising this treat for us.


'Cinderella' pantomime

Educational Programme


Religious Education

Our topics this term will be 'Celebrating', 'Gathering' and 'Growing'.

We will also look at other cultures and learn how Chinese people celebrate their New Year.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Nine new children have joined our Nursery at Easter. They have settled quickly and are developing their social skills such as sharing, taking turns and listening to each other. Children are learning about the importance of following class and school rules. We will talk about good manners and encourage children to make friends. We would be grateful if you could support us, by giving your child opportunities to play with other children outside of school, as this will also help them develop these skills.  


Communication and Language

This term we are reading and talking about a wide range of traditional and modern stories, nursery rhymes and poems. Children are playing various phonic games and learning more sounds. All the children who will be starting Reception in September should, by now, be able to write their names and start copying other words.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and for helping your child at home.



Children are continuing to take home library books twice a week on Monday and Thursday. We welcome your help in sharing those books with your children and sending them back regularly to be changed.

Our focus in writing for this term will be tracing and writing names. Please encourage your child to hold their pencils in a comfortable tripod grip.



Children are listening to various sounds in the environment and using their voices in a variety of ways. They are experimenting with musical instruments and are practising to sing songs using a microphone. We give children  opportunities to listen to pre-recorded stories and songs at the listening station. We are also introducing children to various sounds in the alphabet.



Mathematical Development

Every week children learn numbers, shapes and colours. They will learn to recognise numbers to 10 and count to 20. Shape activities will include matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern making. Children will match objects to numerals, using one to one correspondence. They will revise the 2D shapes learnt so far and we will introduce some 3D shapes. 


Understanding the World

This term we will study two topics: Animals and Water.  Children will learn about farm animals, animals in the wild and pets.  We will also study animal babies, patterns and homes. We would appreciate If you could send into school any appropriate items you may have such as books, posters, magazines or pictures of your pets.

We will be looking at different sources of water and their uses. Children will learn about keeping clean as well as study seaside and sea life.  We will be observing changes in things around us, for example - observing water as it freezes and changes back to water.


Expressive Art and Design

Children will be able to explore different art media and materials. They will paint, print, use modelling materials and make collage. Children will have opportunities to dress up and role play in our ever changing home corner.

They will sing familiar and new songs and play musical instruments. 

We would like y our help by sending small empty cereal boxes, egg boxes, inner kitchen roll tubes, yogurt pots or other material suitable for box modelling.


Physical Development

Children will continue to regularly use the outdoor play area to develop their gross motor skills. In PE we will concentrate on Movement and Games. We will also provide a range of activities to improve their fine motor skills such as cutting, sticking, kneading, drawing and painting. 


The children will have a weekly French lesson where they will learn some basic vocabulary, play games and sing songs. 

Nursery Special Events


Wednesday 22nd May - Horniman Museum and Gardens Trip - ALL children to be in the nursery by 9am 

Wednesday 12th June - Blue Day - activities to reinforce the colour blue

Wednesday 19th June - Beach Day - own beach clothes allowed

Wednesday 3rd June - Pirate Day - dressing up day and a chance to play pirate games and  look for treasure

Wednesday 17th July - End of Year  Party - donations of party food and drinks would be greatly appreciated

Father Richard helped children to baptise babies

Children enjoyed exploring the Fire Engine and talking to the fire fighters

Children had fun dressing up as their favourite characters for the 'Dressing Up Day'

Police officers explained how they help people and children enjoyed trying on their hats

Children brought their favourite soft toys to join them for a picnic.

Here are some videos from YouTube  to help children with their letters/  sounds and favourite stories.

The Super Simple Alphabet Song (Lowercase) | Super Simple ABCs

It's the Alphabet Song, Super Simple style. Join us as we introduce the alphabet to young learners with easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn ABC songs! Get tons of free ABC resources here: Subscribe for fun alphabet videos:

Cinderella - Debbie and Friends

Another fun classic tale, with a twist, set to new music by Debbie and Friends. Join Cinderella and her good friends as they work together to overcome obstacles. Meet the Fairy "Godfather" and have fun singing and dancing along.

Here are some videos to help children with their numbers and counting.

Counting 1-10 Song | Number Songs for Children | The Singing Walrus

Numbers Song - Counting From 1-10 The Singing Walrus team is excited to present "Counting from 1 to 10", the first numbers song of a series dedicated to toddlers and preschool / kindergarten kids, or young ESL students!

The Shape Song #1 | Super Simple Songs

Get out your crayons, we're making pictures using shapes! Can you find a circle, a diamond, a square, and a heart? Try it with The Shape Song #1. ****** Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2006, 2014 Super Simple Learning® Video: Copyright 2015 Super Simple Learning® ****** Thank you very much for watching and sharing.