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Monday 1st June

Good morning, St Mary's nursery children!

Good morning Everyone!


Welcome back to more learning and fun. We hope you are safe and healthy and that you had a very enjoyable holiday. The weather is really nice and we hope you can get a lot of fresh air and outdoor exercise this week.

Today we are starting Summer Term 2 (2nd half of the Summer Term) which is the last half term before the Summer Holidays. We will be talking about Water, Summer, Emotions and Feelings and for R.E. 'Our Worldwide Church'.

We are all waiting to get back to 'normal' but until then we are trying our best to give you as much distant learning support as we can.

Miss Pluckrose and our IT specialists are looking into options to improve communication and to enable direct links with everyone. More information will follow.

For today we have a look at 'How we feel - happy, sad, angry? Maybe tired or anxious?'

And as an option for consolidating on previous learning there will be a few general activities to choose from.

But first we start with our Morning Prayer:


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you God for this new day

In my home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long.

In every Story, Game and Song.

May all the happy things we do.

Make you our Father happy, too.



We hope you enjoy hearing Miss Pluckrose's voice.

So let's talk about 'Feelings':

Ask yourself: One thing/situation that made you happy last week or today.

What made you sad? Was there a situation when you got angry?

Look at the photo and decide what you think that person is feeling. And talk about what the reason could be.

Do you remember the 'Rainbowfish'? What made him sad? And why was he happy in the end?

Do you know other stories with a happy ending?


Can you draw a picture of a place, a person or an object that makes you happy? And if you can think of a situation that made you sad, what helped you to feel better again?

Well done for learning about each other's feelings, too.

Tomorrow I am going to read a story about a bear. His name is 'Gruff' and lived all alone in a dusty old cave. How do you think Gruff felt and try to imagine what his day would look like. Just imagine you were Gruff!


Enjoy the rest of the day.


Here some more general activities if you choose to do some more.

See you back tomorrow!

A letter from Miss Pluckrose to the children

Please remember it is Half-Term next week!

Enjoy the lovely weather and take plenty of exercise.

Best wishes from Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig

Excellent work from Clara and Natalia. Well done!

Friday 22nd May


Good morning lovely children and parents!

Let's start with the Sign of the Cross:


In the name of the Father, and  the Son and the Holy Spirit


God our Father, I have come to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family 

and the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night

and in the morning send your light.


Morning blessings

Activities for today:



  • Practise counting to 20 and count down from 10 to 1
  • Sing along to the counting song
  • Match the numbers on circles with the numbers on caterpillars
  • Practise writing numbers 



  • Match colourful pictures to letters
  • Sing along to the alphabet song
  • Practise writing letters, using the correct pencil grip
  • Write your name and try to copy familiar words

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

The ABC Song

Thursday 21st May


Good morning lovely children and parents!


Let's start with the Sign of the Cross


In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit


Thank you God for this new day

In my home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long

In every story, game and song.


Let's pray to our Lady

 Blessings for the month of May

 Understanding of the World / Mathematics

Today we are carrying on with our theme of the life cycle of a butterfly. Children enjoyed watching live caterpillars grow and develop in the Nursery but, unfortunately, they were unable to see them change into butterflies due to the school's  closure. Hopefully children get some opportunities to see some lovely butterflies in the wild. 

At every opportunity, please practise with your children number recognition, counting and adding two objects together using fruit, vegetables or toys.

Activities for today:

  • Listen to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and discuss
  • Watch the powerpoint and talk about the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Design patterns on your butterfly 
  • Practise counting and adding two objects together using the pictures from our story

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

More excellent work from Clara! 

Some lovely letter and number work !

The Cautious Caterpillar

'The Cautious Caterpillar' is the story of today.

Wednesday 20th May

Good morning St Mary's Nursery children and parents!

We hope you continue to enjoy the beautiful weather and take plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Let's start with the Sign of the Cross:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

God above me, God behind me,

God inside me.

In all the good things, in all the bad things, 

be with me by day, be with me by night, 

be with me by day and night


Morning blessings

RE - Friends

Discuss with your children the following:

Why friends are important?

How do we behave with friends?

What games do we like playing with friends?

How can we have fun with friends?

Are we missing our friends in the Nursery?


Some ideas for activities:

  • Play Lotto, Snap or other matching games
  • Draw a picture for your friend
  • Look at photographs of your friends and talk about them; why do you like them?
  • Make a present for your friend: collage, painting, drawing or anything else you think they might like

Caterpillars and Butterflies 

Yesterday I saw two lovely butterflies in my garden flying from one flower to another. This reminded me that the Nursery children were going to visit the Horniman Museum and Gardens this week and see, among other things,  some colourful, beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly House. Today we are going to have a closer look at caterpillars and how they change as they grow. Tomorrow we will concentrate on butterflies.


Activities for today include:

  • Sharing the story 'The cautious caterpillar' and discussing it.
  • Cutting shapes and sequencing the story
  • Making stick puppets
  • Playing a guessing game 'What Am I'

Super work from Maria and Ronan ! Excellent !

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning lovely children and parents

Let's start with a prayer:


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

God, our Father we have come to say

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family 

and all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night

and in the morning 

send your light.



Our special prayer to our Lady:

Friends is our new topic in RE

Please read together a story from the 'Come and See' scheme of work and discuss. What is the most important thing Jesus tells us about being friends? How should we behave with friends? Who are your friends? What do you like doing with your friends?

Activities for today:

  • Draw or paint your friend
  • Make a model of your friend using some play dough or plasticine 
  • Have a pretend friends' tea party

Friends' story

Jesus is our friend

Mathematical Development

Let's revisit the basic 2D shapes: circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Look together at the powerpoint  and describe the shapes. How many sides does it have, how many points and angles? Are the sides the same length? Draw the shapes in the air with your finger. Use shapes in your drawings.

Look at this funny photo. It's Ginger. His real name is 'Tigger'

Our pet chicken. They all have a name.

There are more photos of our pets including 'Noley' the squirrel at the end of Monday work. And lots of homework from Clara and Gigi.

Monday 18th May

Good morning St Mary's nursery children and parents and everyone who is looking after our beautiful children!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that you are ready to have another week of learning through play from home.

Today we would have visited the Horniman Museum and Gardens. Unfortunately it is closed and we won't be able to go there until next year. Some of you might remember it from last year. My favourite place there is the Aquarium. Do you remember Nemo, the Clown Fish? And the Sea Horse? And lots of other beautiful sea creatures there?

Well, we can't visit them today but some people have an aquarium at home or fish in a pond in the garden. So I chose the 'Rainbow Fish' for our story today. But first our prayer:



In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holly Spirit, Amen. 


God above me, God below me, 

God before me, God behind me,

God inside me.

In all the good things, in all the bad things,

Be with me by day, be with me by night, 

Be with me by day and night.


And as it is still May, the month to pray especially to Mary we also say the 'Hail Mary':
Before we look at 'The Rainbow Fish' Mr Griffin, our R.E. coordinator would like to share the Sunday Liturgy including audio from Miss Pluckrose with the whole school:
And now have a look at our story.

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

The Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish w...

Do you remember what Rainbow Fish was like at the beginning? Was he happy or sad?

You can do the sequencing with the pictures or draw your own pictures: Beginning - middle - end! You can use a bit of aluminium foil for a sparkly scale or a shiny sticker. See what you can do.


There are lots more activities but you can choose how many and which ones you want to do. Maybe you safe some for the half term holiday next week or do some more later or tomorrow. Make sure you have enough breaks and do your exercise in between. Here we go:
Remember to have your break and have some fresh air.

Remember the Rainbow Song? Here is the Rainbow Fish version!

Well done! You have work worked very hard. And thank you for sending messages and photos of your previous work. It is lovely to hear from you all!

Lovely drawings! Like the 'Tiger who came to Tea'!

Lots of homework, Clara!

More tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the story and the activities. Have a nice day!

Some photos of pets around our house. Here is 'Noley', the squirrel. My friend used him for artwork.

In the garden. Can you see the pond? How many big goldfish can you count? There are lots of baby goldfish but they are hiding.

We had to put a net around the pond because there is a bird called 'Heron' who lives nearby and likes eating fish. This way he can't get to them and so our fish especially our baby fish is safe!

And this is 'Tinkerbell', 'Ginger' and 'Tilly'. They like sleeping.

Have you got any funny photos of your pet, we could add to our gallery? Have they got a name? Looking forward to seeing some of your pets.

Friday 15th May

Good morning St Mary's nursery children and parents!

It is Friday and we usually get a treat on Friday for all our hard work. But first we want to say our morning prayer:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Thank you God for this new day,

In my home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long,

In every story, game and song.

May all the happy things we do,

Make you our Father happy too.


Please read this letter from Miss Pluckrose to your child/ren

I hope you enjoyed hearing from our Headteacher and I thought it fitted really well with our topic 'Good News'. Well, I hope that you are all safe and healthy and that everybody is praying for all the people who were affected and that we all recover from these difficult times soon.

God bless!

Today we are finishing our R.E. topic 'Good News' from our 'Come&See' scheme of work and we are going to look at a picture. You can talk about it and maybe your grown-up can ask you some questions about it. Remember that Jesus had gone to his Father in heaven and his friends, the disciples were very sad. But Jesus had kept his promise to send a new friend. He sent the Holy Spirit. That made them very happy. Have a go!

Like the wind we can't see the Holy Spirit but we know he is with us.

And now to our other topic: PETS!

Do you remember Miss Pluckrose's letter? What was her favourite pet?

Yes, a horse! Do you remember what kind of horse it was? Do you like horses? Have you seen any in real life? Maybe on a farm? Or in a stable? Or in the street when the police uses them?

Well, there are lots of pets and yesterday we talked about Kipper, the dog.

Did you enjoy the story of Kipper? His friends Tiger, Jake and Holly definitely enjoyed his birthday party! All four characters were dogs but today we want to have a look at cats.

Do you have a cat? Do you know anyone with a cat?

Well, Mrs Pechnig has got a cat and his name is Asterix.


If you have a pet, like a dog or a cat or a rabbit or any animal that is in your house or garden, then you need to look after them. Do you know what a cat eats? What do they drink? Where do they sleep? What toys do they like? What else do they need?

There will be some activities but first a couple more photos of Asterix who is a very old cat. It was his birthday last month and he was 17 years old. That's why he sleeps a lot. He loves the warmth and often sleeps in the garden on the lawn when the sun is hot. When he is awake Asterix loves climbing on trees and often sits on the roof of the garden shed. He roams around the neighbours gardens sometimes but always comes back to play, eat and sleep some more in his own house. Asterix also loves his cuddles when he comes back from his outings. Have a look at his food station!

What did he eat? Dry food or wet food (some chicken)?

Did you guess right? Yes, he ate the wet food, some chicken. And did you see what Asterix drinks? Cats must always have access to water. Just like us humans they need to drink. There is a water fountain in the photo. That means the water is pumped around the container to keep fresh and Asterix can drink from it any time he likes.

Here are some activities!

(Sometimes you only need to print the first 1 or 2 pages as it gives the option to be used for older children, too.)

Well done, nursery children! You have done your work for today. Think of a treat: maybe have a little dancing session or make your favourite sandwich/pizza or a desert? If you have some shiny paper you can make yourself a special badge or a sparkly sticker!

I am putting two links on here:

1. BBC bitesize - more about cats and

2. YouTube - a story about a cat.


If you had enough for today then have a look at it tomorrow or Sunday or anytime next week. Enjoy your weekend!

Very focused, Daphne! Excellent work!

And here some research questions:  Does the tiger belong to the cat family? Do you know anyone else who belongs to the cat family? And where do they live?

Lots of good work. Well done, Clara!

Have a well deserved rest everyone. Enjoy your weekend. We'll be back on Monday.

Best wishes from Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig


Thursday 14th May


Wonderful work you did yesterday! Lovely patterns, Maria!

videocompress-016-VID_20200513_163018903 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Let's start with our prayer.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Father who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come thy will be done.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.


Our R.E. topic is still 'Good News' and I will attach some more information for grown ups and a story for the children. I hope we all find some happy things and positive news in this worrying times. May God be with us and bless us!
Let's hope that our faith will guide us through this difficult time.
And now to our story. It's called 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen. Kipper is a little dog and it is his birthday. The story is a bit long so I will not read every word but I'll tell you what is happening and show you the pictures.


Still image for this video
I hope you've enjoyed the story of Kipper. Do you remember Miss Pluckrose's pets? She has two little dogs. And what was their names? I wonder how old they are. Anyway, today we'll learn a bit more about pets and then we can pretend to organise a party for our pet. Let's have a go.

What other pets do you know? Colour them in.

Can you draw a dog and give him a pattern or just one colour of your choice?

Some more information about pets.

Ask a grown up how to look after your pet if you need help.

And now pretend it is your pets birthday! Draw a picture of the birthday cake or make a little parcel and put a toy in it or decorate a box and pretend it's his little play pen. You can use yesterday's bunting or make a strip with a pattern and use it as a frame for your picture. Enjoy your activities and let me know how you organised your (pretend) pet birthday party!

More tomorrow.

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning nursery children and parents!

Today is Wednesday and the weather is getting warmer again. We are told that it is ok to go out more but please stay safe whatever you decide to do. Thank you!


Let's start with our prayer.


God our Father, bless this day!

Are you ready for some more learning? Today we want to continue looking at patterns. There are regular patterns and irregular ones.

Let's think of a regular pattern!

Day and night! Then repeat Day - Night -  ?  - Night - Day -   ?  -  ? - Night - Got it?


Or you could say Black and White! So repeat Black - White - Black - White -  ?  -  White - ?  -  ? - Black -


We also call it repeating patterns.


Do you remember the life cycle of a hen? You can always tell what comes next and then it repeats itself, again and again and again! Shall we have a go?


1. What does the hen lay?

2. What comes out of the egg?

3. What does the baby chick grow into?

Can you see the pattern?

Hen - Egg - Baby Chick  and then repeat Hen - Egg - Baby Chick …  that is a pattern! Can you do it again?


Here are 2 activities to finish a repeating pattern:


There are lots of different patterns in our world. Look at patterns on animals or on our clothes or blankets, everywhere - inside or outside you find shapes and colours. Have a look at this powerpoint and then you can play a matching game.

Do you remember Elmer Day? All the elephants wanted a pattern on their skin! It's a bit like face painting but maybe we can do a bit of dressing up. You could think of a T-shirt with a pattern on or you could design a scarf? Just draw a long rectangle and think of a pattern. It can be a regular one, like stripes with RED and BLUE … RED  , BLUE RED , BLUE …. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII or you like to draw red hearts or dots or anything you would like on your scarf. Enjoy your work and maybe you want to look at more animal pattern. Ask your grown up to check some images of animals on the computer. Have fun!


More tomorrow but if we want to look at some more activities that's optional. See you tomorrow.



Lovely work! Well done!

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday Monday.

This week we will be looking at patterns and colours on wild/zoo animals and on pets.

But first of all, we start with our morning prayer:


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


God above me, God below me, 

God before me, God behind me.

In all the good things, in all the bad things,

be with me by day, be with me by night, 

be with me by day and night.


Did you remember that May is a special month to pray to Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Here is an updated powerpoint from Mr Griffin, our RE coordinator:


Our story today is 'Elmer'. Some of you have read this story before but we are looking at pattern and colours and learning the Elmer Colour Song this time. Do you remember the tune of the 'Rainbow Song'? If not I'll give you a link to a sound track to remind you. I hope you enjoy your activities.


Time for Storytime: David McKee reads Elmer

Sit back with your little one and let the wonderful author-illustrator David McKee read from his successful and much-loved picture book, Elmer. Filmed & edit...

Did you enjoy our story? Why was Elmer unique? Did he like to be different?

Our first activity is to colour in Elmer and then design you own elephant. Do you remember how to mix the colour 'grey'? If you don't have white and black to mix your grey colour you can use any colour you like. Good luck!


And here is Elmer the Rainbow Song!

Elmer the Rainbow Elephant Song.mp3

Well done, nursery children! You have worked very hard. Make sure you get enough breaks and lots of fresh air. If you want to do some more work here is a word map to have a look at or read with your grown up and a counting sheet for Maths. Even if you can't write the numbers just count them and show the same amount of fingers. Have a go. Have fun. Back tomorrow.

Monday 11th May

Good morning St Mary's nursery children and parents!

Welcome to another week of fun and learning from home. I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and that you enjoyed the V.E. celebrations on Friday. Lots of people talked about their experiences during and after the war and Captain Tom celebrated his 100th birthday the day before the V.E. anniversary. He got a special letter from the Queen congratulating him on his very special birthday. And he raised a lot of money for our hospitals and health organisations who are doing a great job looking after all the people needing medical care. So let's pray for us, our families and the wider community.

We make the sign of the cross:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit 


Thank you God for this new day,

In my home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long,

In every story, game and song.

May all the happy things we do,

Make you are Father happy too.




Did you listen to your parents reading Miss Pluckrose's letter on Thursday? She put a picture of our school pet on there. Do you remember what it was? And what his name was? We'll be learning more about Pets by the end of the week.

But first we're sharing the school liturgy from Mr Griffin with Miss Pluckrose reading the Gospel.

Do you remember where these stories about Jesus come from? It is a special book called 'The Bible' and we're going to learn a bit more about what happened when Jesus went to his Father in heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples. We call this event 'Pentecost'. Maybe you want to ask a grown-up to tell you what he or she remembers about the story of Pentecost or read about it in the Bible and I shall send you some more information tomorrow. Thank you for working so hard at this time being kept indoors for most of the time.

As it is Bank Holiday Monday you can choose your own activities today.

Here is a learning pack with lots of different activities and you can do as much or as little as you like today. Have fun!

Enjoy your activities. More tomorrow.

Thursday 7th May

Good morning lovely Nursery children and parents!


In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit 


God, our Father, we have come to say,

Thank you for your love today.

Thank you for my family

and all the friends you give to me. 

Guard me in the dark of night

and in the morning send your light.


Morning blessings

VE Day 

Tomorrow is a very special day when we remember how 75 years ago the fighting in Europe stopped, and everyone celebrated the end of the Second World War. It is called VE Day which stands for Victory in Europe day, and is celebrated on 8th May every year.

When the British Prime minister, Winston Churchil announced VE Day, celebrations started everywhere. 

King George VI, the Queen with their daughters, Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth - who is now our Queen - appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and also walked in the huge crowds in London. 

People decorated the streets with banners, bunting and ribbons. They had street parties, shared food and danced. It was a very happy occasion for everyone in England and Europe.


Today's  activities will help you to remember and celebrate this special day:


  • Look together at the poster and talk about how the day was celebrated
  • Make a model of a famous war aeroplane called the 'Spitfire'
  • Make a bunting to decorate your house
  • Decorate a special VE cup
  • Listen together to the National Anthem

God Save The Queen - National Anthem

Wednesday 6th May


Good morning lovely children and parents!


Let's start with the date: day, month, and year. Can you remember the days of the week? How many days in a week?  On which days do you come to the Nursery? We hope you are continuing to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and lovely sunshine.


In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holly Spirit, Amen. 

Let's remind ourselves of our Nursery prayer:


God above me, God below me, 

God before me, God behind me.

In all the good things, in all the bad things,

be with me by day, be with me by night, 

be with me by day and night.



Today's activities:


  • Please go for an inspiring walk outside and listen to the various sounds around you and let your children guess what they are. If you have any toy animals encourage your children to play with them and talk about the sounds they make. Ask you children to draw their favourite animal.
  • Talk about wild animal names and choose one to colour, paint or decorate with art materials. 
  • Make a mask of your favourite wild animal and use it in role play with your family.


Most of all have fun doing these activities!

Lovely children' work! Thank you for working so hard.

Story time "Dear Zoo"

Still image for this video

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Nursery children and parents! 

It is another lovely, sunny day and we hope that you are able to go outside for some exercise and to admire the beautiful signs of spring all around us. What trees and flowers have you seen? Which ones are your favourite?

Discuss what day of the week it is, what month and the year?


Let's start with the prayer.

Hail Mary..

During the special month of May all children, parents and staff members are encouraged to pray together by saying the Rosary every Monday to Friday at 12.30 pm or at any time they choose. Here is some more information from Mr Griffin, our RE coordinator.

Activities for today:

  • Listen together to the story 'The Tiger who Came to Tea' and discuss
  • Sequence the story using the pictures provided
  • Design a party invitation for a tiger
  • Count to 20 and practise writing numbers to 10

Monday 4th May

Good morning lovely children and parents!

Welcome to another week of fun and learning from home. Congratulations to you all for doing a wonderful job of staying safe and working so hard. Thank you sharing your work and pictures with us. They are wonderful!

A letter from Miss Pluckrose to the children

May is a special month when we pray to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother. We would like to encourage you to say 'Hail Mary' every day to honour our Lady. Parents, if you have Rosary beads at home, please show them to your children and let them hold them during the special prayer.


Let's start with the Sign of the Cross: 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen

Let's pray together:


Hail Mary,

Full of Grace,

The Lord is with Thee.

Blessed art thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary,

Mother of God,

pray for us sinners

now and at the hour of our death.


We hope you have enjoyed learning about farm animals last week. Today we will start to explore animals which live in the wild, in places like forests, jungles, deserts or the open plains.


Activities for today:

  • Look together at the powerpoint and talk about the wild animals in it. Pay special attention to patterns on the various animals.
  • Play the guessing game ' What animal am I'. Can you make any animal noises ?
  • Count and colour the animals. Please match the number of animals with numerals. Remember to hold your pencil in a tripod grip and write your name at the top.

Friday 1st May

Good morning everybody.

Did we get the date right?

It's FRIDAY! That's our P.E. day and our 'Treat Day'! Could we combine it with an indoor picnic and lots of dancing or a pretend fitness session in the gym with juice and biscuits afterwards. I am sure you find something special for the day.


Let's start with our prayer.

R.E. - We will continue with Good News and Pentecost next week but here is some information for the grown ups regarding the special month of May in our church calendar.

May is a special month in the Catholic Church Calendar

More about Mary, the mother of Jesus in connection with our R.E. topic 'Good News' next week.


But now to our story.

Today we want to look at animals in other countries.

Nursery children, do you remember Handa? The little girl from a village in Kenya and her friend Akeyo? Well today she is looking for her grandmother's hen Mondi. Please watch the story first.

Here is the link.


I hope you enjoyed the story of Handa's hen. Remember that the story takes place in Africa but do you recognise any animals that live here in England, too?

Here are some activities you can do.

You have worked very hard. Remember to do something special on 'Treat Day' and don't let the weather stop you from exercising and having fresh air!


Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your nice messages and photos.


Best wishes from

Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig



Well done, everyone! Another week with lots of fun and learning!

And enjoy the weather - rain or shine!

Thursday 30th April

Good morning lovely nursery children and everyone who is looking after them so well. You are doing a great job. And thank you for working so hard.

Let's start with our morning prayer.



Here are some wonderful photos and pictures of lovely activities being done. Please keep sending them in. It's great to hear from you.

It's good to see such busy children learning from home.


Today we are revisiting our farm animals. I wonder how much you can remember. We will look at a powerpoint and then pretend to be one of the animals. But we are also looking at people who work with aninmals and I would like to focus on horses and ponies. Have you seen a real horse somewhere? Some are very fast and they compete in races. That's why they are called 'Race Horses'. Have a think where else we find horses and what they do. Can you do a little research with your grown up and we come back to it later?


That was a reminder.

Now have a look at the powerpoint and choose one of the animals.

Work with a partner and don't tell that person what animal you are acting out.

What sound do you make? Where do you live? What do you eat? If you had a young one, what would the baby animal be called? How would you move? Can you tell the baby animal a story or give it an instruction to do something, like: 'Have a bath!' or 'Go to bed!' Have a go and if you enjoy the role play choose another animal and act it out again. As often as you like.

And here are people who work with animals.

Could you work with animals?

Coming back to the horses have you found anything out?

Before we had tractors and big machines horses had to work on the farms to plough the fields and carry heavy loads. They also used to pull boats and the Queen still rides in a carriage pulled by horses on special occasions. You can also find police horses in the streets and in London the Queen's Horse Guards have a parade every day. The ceremony is called the 'Changing of the Guard'.

Horses have lots of different colours. Have a look at some photos and then colour the picture in choosing one of the colours you like.

What is the difference between a horse and a pony?

There is a word search but it's very hard to find all the words. Please ask a grown up to help you or leave it for now and we can have a look at it another time. You could just look at one letter. Maybe the letter of your name and circle that one instead.



My favourite story about a horse is called 'Black Beauty'? It's a long story but you can have a look at a chapter at a time. Here is the YouTube link.

I hope you had fun doing the activities. You can tell me what you have learnt and enjoyed most this week when we are back in school. Or you can draw me a picture and ask your parents to send it to me.


Before we finish for today have you done the date? Have a look at the calendar. Can you find the last number? It's 30! Tomorrow we start a new month. Do you know which month comes after April? It starts with 'M'.

Do you still do the weather? Has it changed from yesterday? What clothes do you wear today? Do you have to put a warm cardigan or a coat on when you go out?

Did you sing with Miss Hume?


Keep fit and healthy.

More tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning St Mary's nursery children and parents/carers!

Despite the change in weather we can stay fit and healthy and keep ourselves busy doing fun activities.

Have a good day.

Let's pray together:


R.E. - Information from Come&See scheme of work

Tell a story and draw a picture about your good news

And now our focused activities!

Today we want to look at some recipes and the life cycle of a chicken.

Let's start to have a look at the life cycle. There is a powerpoint presentation to explain the sequence - from the hen laying eggs to the baby chick. Can you cut out the pictures/photos out and stick them in the right order?

Can you ask your grown up who was there first: the hen or the egg?


And now to our cooking challenge!

Could you think of something that is made with eggs? If you want to try a recipe out, please ask your grown up to help you.

Did you make pancakes on Pancake Day? As it was our 'International Food Afternoon' that day we didn't have time to make some in the nursery. So let's have a go today! There is also a story about 'The Runaway Pancake' on Powerpoint. I hope you enjoy it. 

If you can't do any cooking here is an alternative:

And last but not least I would like you to do a Maths challenge!

Get an empty egg box for 6 eggs. Draw 10 brown and 10 white eggs (little ones). Cut them out and put them in the egg box. You have to use both colours. How many combinations can you find?

Ask your grown up to write all your combinations down; i.e. 1 brown + 5 white or 3 brown + 3 white. How many more combinations are there? Keep trying!

Make sure you don't do all your activities at once. Enjoy a break and play some games or build a Lego/Duplo model. Then come back and do another task.


Did you do your music challenge?


Have fun!

More tomorrow morning.

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning everyone!

Are you all enjoying the lovely weather and the daily challenges? Today we would like you to do a bit of role play. But first our morning prayer.


Today we want to learn more about food. Where does it come from? Do you like your food? Maybe you can have a little role play where you are selling or buying your food in a Farm Shop. There are some matching games and lots of information on the power point. Have a go!


Maybe you can make your own money. Use some bottle tops and pretend they are 1 pound coins or cut out some circles from card (gold or silver would be nice but any colour will do).

Tomorrow we will be looking at some recipes using eggs. Can you think of any food that is made from eggs?

You can ask the grown ups in your house to help you if you can't think of any.


And don't forget your exercise.


Have you done Miss Hume's music challenge yet?

More tomorrow.


Thank you for your photos, Maria. A very busy girl!

Monday 27th April

Good morning lovely children and parents!

Welcome to another week of fun and learning from home. Congratulations to you all for doing a wonderful job of staying safe and working so hard.


Let's start with our prayer.


R.E.: Our new topic is called ‘Good News’. For Christians, the Gospel is the Good News of God’s love for everyone.


Key questions:

  • What is good news?
  • Why is it important to share good news?


Think of a time when you heard some good news. It might have been at home or at school. Can you draw a picture of this time? Can you label your picture? You might want to write a sentence to explain your good news.


Thank God for the good news you have and be thankful that you have family and friends around you to listen and celebrate your news.

This week we continue focusing on farm animals, food and the life cycle of a chicken.

Look at the power point with the children and read about the work a farmer has to do. Print out the picture of the farmer and some animals and colour it in. Try to use the right colours given by the numbers.


Check out Miss Hume's daily music challenge!

You find it at the bottom of Children's class pages. Good luck!


Have fun and keep talking to your child/ren about the weather, the season and the day of the week.


And don't forget your daily exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Friday 24th April

Good morning lovely children and parents!

We are continuing with our 'Farm Animals' topic and learning new facts about baby animals, their homes and what kind of food they provide for us.

Activities for today include:

  • Look together at the powerpoint presentation 'All About Farm Animals' and learn interesting facts about them.
  • Talk about farm animal families and colour in the pictures of them by numbers.
  • Where do individual animals live? Match animals to different homes.
  • Cut out the pictures of farm animals and their babies. Match them up and put them on the farm.

What a wonderful puppet theatre for your pigs, Daphne!

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning children and parents!

Our special book for today is "The Little Red Hen'. Please listen to the story together and then complete the activities relating to it.

Activities for today:

  •  Look at the story in pictures and talk about it. Were the animals kind and helpful towards the little red hen? Who ate all the lovely bread in the end?
  • Cut out pictures of farm animals and play the Snap game.
  • Look at the animal pictures and think what they might be saying to the little red hen. Try to write their words in speech bubbles.
  • Make bread rolls, using the little red hen's recipe


What a beautiful pig, Gigi! Well done!

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning lovely children and parents!

We hope you had fun celebrating the Queen's special birthday yesterday.

Let's go back to our farm animal topic, concentrating on pigs today.

Questions to ask the children:

What are baby pigs called? - piglets

Where do pigs live? - pigsty (farms)

What food products do we get from pigs? - pork, bacon, ham, sausages

Do you know any stories with three animals in them?


Activities for today:

  • Read or watch on 'You Tube' the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and discuss. Which house was the strongest and why?
  • Cut out pictures and sequence/retell the story
  • Colour in pictures of the pigs and add more patterns on their clothes
  • Revise the numbers 1-10. Count the number of objects and match with the numbers


Queen Maria! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning lovely children and parents!

Today is a very special and happy day. Our Queen Elizabeth the Second is celebrating her 94th Birthday.

She ascended to the throne in February 1952 after her father died and has been the queen for 68 years. She lives with her husband Prince Philip and family at Buckingham Palace in London. The Queen is very popular and loved by many people around the world.


Today's activities:

  • Colour in the picture of the Queen. Please make sure you hold your pencil in the correct tripod grip and try not to go over the lines.  Alternatively, draw your own picture and colour it in.
  • Make a crown using a strip of paper/card and decorate with any art materials you might have. Count how many decorations you have on your crown and how many of each colour.
  • Discuss how you celebrate birthdays and what special things you can do. Arrange a pretend birthday party for the Queen and sing the 'Happy Birthday' song.
  • Design a party invitation for the Queen's birthday.

Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning everyone!

We hope you and your families are well and had a lovely (if different)Easter. We are sure that you have been quite busy, doing lots of interesting activities at home. Please remember to take some photographs of things you do so you can share with your teachers and friends if you like.


Children,  if ​you would like to send a sample of your work to your teacher, or a photograph of you doing an activity, please feel free to email the school via:  Remember to ask your parents' permission first! We look forward to hearing from you!
Parents, the email will then be forwarded on to your child’s teacher so please add the teacher’s name into the subject of the email.
We will not post any photograph of a child next to their name, as per our E-Safety policy, but we may name children’s work.
Disclaimer: If you do not want the information sent to this email address to be posted on the class page then please state clearly in the email; otherwise teachers may add these images to a gallery so that children can see what their friends have been doing during the school closure.   


Welcome back lovely children! Please check this page daily to get ideas for work.




This half-term we will be learning about various animals: farm, zoo and pets. We will learn names of baby animals and talk about where they live. If you have a photograph of your pet it would be lovely to see it.



#supersimplesongs #oldmacdonald #nurseryrhymes


  • Morning prayer - Hail Mary
  • Talk about the date, go over the days of the week and seasons. What happens during spring time?
  • Read the story "Farmer Duck" and discuss. What animals can you find on farms? Who does the work on farms? What dairy products do we get from farms?
  • Draw a farm animal and write your name on the picture.
  • Count the number of animals in the story. Try to write this number down.
  • Sing 'Old McDonald had a farm' together. Children to choose various animals to include in their song.

    Have a good day! And don't forget to have regular exercise and as much fresh air as possible. Please keep fit and healthy everyone!

Slide Show for Monday's Liturgy

Friday 3rd April

Good morning everyone.

We are fast approaching Holy Week!

You can check your local church's website to see what they are doing to reach their congregation. Some are recording Services or even finding ways to live stream a Eucharist wherever your priest is able to do it. Please check it out.

Do the children remember some of our songs? (There are lots on YouTube but try to enjoy your own singing.)

Some suggestions:

- And if I were a butterfly

- Halle-halle-halle-lujah

- I am H-A-P-P-Y

-Sing a song, sing a joyful song to celebrate


Have you done your daily checks?

Date, weather, time of the day and Spring signs!

Please remember to revisit activities from previous sessions. (It is better to keep it short but repeat more often.)


-Talk about Palm Sunday and encourage your child to do a drawing of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. They could put themselves into the picture waving a palm.

-Practise writing your name

-Sequence the letters of your name (write every letter on a square piece of paper and your child will put it in the right order)

-Find some objects that go with their first letter e.g. John's jumper etc

-Draw a circle (A4 size) to make a clock. You can write the numbers on but also have a set of 12 numbers to match yours (give them one number at a time to find the same one written down). If that's too much start with 3,6,9 and 12 then put more missing numbers on at a later stage.

-Estimate the amount of biscuits in a pack (sweet or savoury if you prefer) before you open it and then count them together 1 by 1. Did you guess correctly? Were you close? Are there enough for everybody?

-Look at the 'Life Cycle' of a butterfly, frog and chicken


Thank you for using the suggested activities during the week.


As Friday is our treat day they can have a special sticker (let them draw one themselves or mum/dad) and they can stick it on their chart/book or wear it with some masking tape!!


Have a lovely weekend and keep exercising

Best wishes

Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig smiley

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone.

We hope you are all keeping well.

Please keep our routine and say a morning prayer with your child/ren. Here is a suggestion but feel free to say the prayer the children already know or choose your own one.

Activities for the day:

- as usual, check the weather, date and look for more Spring signs

- more Easter activities (for more ideas check today's links)

- continue playing games, repeat the ones we've suggested on a daily base

- add to your own stories (what did your characters do today)

- play more number games (domino or board games)

- and don't forget your daily exercise and fresh air


Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone.

Are you all alert? It's April Fools day!

Although we are still in Lent we can try to have some fun today.

Let's start with a prayer.


And now to the fun bit: Ask your child if they know a joke. Do you know a funny story or song? Here are some ideas!

Activities for today:

As every day, please

- keep talking to your child/ren about the date, weather, season and the time of the day (morning, lunchtime and evening)

- talk about their favourite books, TV programmes, games etc

- do number puzzles and create number stories for 'One More' e.g. role play 'shopping basket': buy 2 tins, ask them to buy one more. How many have you got in your basket now? Or lay the table for 2 (you and your child) then ask them to add one more. When finished make them count e.g. 3 plates, 3 spoons, 3 forks, 3 knifes, 3 cups, etc

- more sorting and matching: get some gloves, shoes and socks out. Mix them up and let them sort and match the right pairs together.


And last but not least:

- some links for more general home learning

Have a good day!

And don't forget to have regular exercise and as much fresh air as possible.

Please keep fit and healthy everyone!

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning and what a beautiful sunny morning it is.

Have you adjusted to our clock being moved forward? The birds seem to just sing all the time now. And don't forget your daily exercise! Maybe check YouTube or other websites for some relaxing exercises later in the day. There's 'Yoga for kids' or just relaxing music when doing some stretching.


Activities for the day:

1. Consolidate last week's learning.

Look back at last week and repeat or slightly change the activity e.g. use Ryveta or savoury biscuits instead of bread. If you make toast talk about the changes.


2. Make your own story

Think of a setting (zoo, park, castle, shop - anywhere), ask them who is in the story (2 better than one) and what they do. As long or as short as your child likes (from one sentence to endless!), write down what they say and let them draw a picture underneath.


3. Number rhymes and songs

There are lots of resources on the internet but the children should know some traditional ones

- 5 little ducks went swimming one day

- 5 currant buns in baker's shop

- 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive

You can start with 3 then come back to it and use 5 or more - shorter sessions and regular repetitions are always better than forcing the learning and losing concentration.


4. Spring

Enjoy the changes! If you can't get out for a walk then feel the sunshine through your window. Talk about growth, the changes of the trees, the bumble bees and butterflies etc


And don't forget to do the date using your calendar. Talk about the last day of March and prepare them for the new month tomorrow. Do you want to mention 'April Fools Day'? Just be aware - someone might want to trick you tomorrow!

Here are some more links:

RE Come and See

Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone. Welcome to another week of 'Having Fun At Home!!'

Here are some ideas for today:

1. Daily Changes

Look at the day of the week, month and year on the calendar. Explain and show them that we are at the end of this month 'March' - 2 more days then we start the next month 'April'.

Talk about the weather:

- mention changes in the sky

- how does it feel today?

-wet or dry?

Maybe start a little chart?


Playing simple games with your child/ren.

2. "Who am I?"

Choose a book character and let your child ask questions. You can only answer with 'Yes' or 'No'.

Keep it simple to start with and limit your choice of character to one or two books e.g. 'Goldilocks'. It could be Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear, Baby Bear or Goldilocks. Have a go!


3. "Kim's Game"

It's a memory game.

Again - keep it simple to start with and then make it more difficult.

Collect three objects on a tray (anything that can't break and hurt them e.g. soft toys, food, plastic crockery and cutlery, etc) Make sure they know what it is then cover it with a tea towel and ask them what is on the tray. Take one object away and the child has to guess which one you took away. Repeat as long as your child is enjoying it. Increase to 4 or 5 objects and see how much your child is able to remember. Have fun - don't play it for too long. It's better to come back to it.


4. Patterns

We would have done lots of Spring and Easter activities this week. Look at patterns in nature, clothes, books and in your home e.g. cups, wallpaper etc.

Talk about their shapes, colours and how they are arranged. Let them design a bookmark or a small paper bag using their own ideas.


Enjoy your time with your child/ren and please keep fit and healthy.


Good morning lovely children and parents, 

Thank you for using the suggested activities during the week. We hope you have enjoyed them.

Friday is a treat day!!

Suggestions for the day:

  • Make fairy cakes  or ice some biscuits and decorate them with sweets.
  • Using various art materials to design and decorate an Easter egg (cut out from paper)
  • Put some music on and enjoy dancing to it

Have a lovely weekend

Best wishes

Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig xx


Good Morning lovely children and parents,

Some play activities for today:

  • Make own sandwiches or toasts, using a blunt knife to spread butter, add toppings of your choice and cut into triangles. Talk about halves and quarters, count the pieces and enjoy eating them.
  • Play 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with....'. Choose different letters and talk about initial sounds in words.
  • Read and discuss a library book or any other book. Talk about the pictures and think of possible different endings to stories. Have fun!



Good morning children and parents.

  • Today please practise making the Sign of the Cross and saying 'Hail Mary' together.
  • 2D shape revision - cut out some circles, squares, triangles and rectangles and let your children use them to create transport shapes e.g.: boat, train, rocket ...
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to sing along 'The Shapes Song'
  • Draw or paint pictures of flowers, sunshine or anything else that makes you happy



Some ideas  for activities today:

  • Draw pictures of yourself and your friends. Colour them in taking care not to go over the lines.
  • Use scissors to cut out your pictures or any others from magazines and use them to create a collage.
  • Practise counting to 15
  • Read a library book and discuss it.



Dear Parents

Last week we sent homework packs with children to complete at home. Please try to do some of these activities every day to keep children focused on their learning.

It might be helpful to have a timetable and a reward system such as stickers and treats to motivate children.

Try to read and discuss a book, do something mathematical and produce some artwork every day.

Thank you for your support

Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig




  • Revise numbers 1-5 . Make number cards and cut them out. Ask your children to put them in order, count forward and backwards, play 'Hide a number' game when they have to guess which number is missing from the line.
  • Encourage children to practise writing their namepaying particular attention to how they hold their pencils and correct formation of letters.
  • Listen to some traditional nursery stories produced by Debbie and Friends and try to sing along with them.


Here are some links to activities you may wish to do with your child while they are at home. 


Choose the nursery rhyme (opens a new page). Scroll down to find the video at the bottom of the new page. 


A good resource to support learning about numbers.


Enjoy making this simple play dough with your child 

Printable tracing shapes

Welcome to the Nursery

Class Teachers: Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig


Nursery staff members:

Teachers: Mrs Piotrowska (who works on Mondays and Tuesdays) and Mrs Pechnig (Tuesdays to Fridays)  

Teaching assistants: Ms Deans and Miss Tirah.

The lunchtime cover is provided by Mrs Mendelssohn and

Mrs Cooling.


Please check this page regularly for important dates, resources and pictures of children learning and playing in the Nursery.





We had great fun during art week. Our theme was art from different places in the world. Nursery chose 'Indian Painted Elephants'. Look at the colours and the patterns! Didn't they look fabulous?

World Book Day at St Mary's

Foundation Stage International Food Afternoon

Educational Programme for this term



Our topics this term will be 'Celebrating', 'Gathering' and Growing'. We will also look at other cultures and learn how the Chinese people celebrate their New Year.

Our Foundation Stage Easter Bonnet Parade will take place on Thursday 23rd April. All parents are very welcome to attend.



Children will be encouraged to develop their social skills such as sharing, taking turns and listening to each other. They will learn about the importance of following class and school rules. We will talk about good manners and encourage children to make friends. We would be grateful if you would support us, by giving children opportunities to play with other children outside of school, as this will also help them develop these skills.



Our topics this term are 'Food' and 'Growing and Life cycles'. Children will learn about a balanced diet and will have opportunities to make sandwiches, fruit salads and biscuits. All parents are invited to our Foundation Stage International Food Afternoon on Tuesday 25th February. Children will also grow plants and watch real caterpillars change into butterflies.



The children will read and discuss a wide variety of traditional and modern stories, nursery rhymes and poems. They will act out stories and play games during weekly drama sessions. 


Sidney Bear visits children's homes.

A child will be chosen every day to take our mascot - Sidney Bear home for one night. Can you please use a page in the accompanying book to tell us what the bear did at your home (for example: a drawing, photograph)



Children will take home library books twice a week on Monday and Thursday. We would welcome your help in sharing those books with your children and sending them back regularly to be changed.

Our focus in writing for this term will be tracing and writing names. Please encourage your children to hold their pencils in a comfortable tripod grip.



Children will listen to various sounds in the environment and use their voices in a variety of ways. They will experiment with musical instruments and will be able to sing using a microphone. Children will have the opportunity to listen to pre-recorded stories and songs at the listening station. We will also introduce children to various sounds in the alphabet.


Children will continue to regularly use the outdoor play area to develop their gross motor skills. In PE we will concentrate on Movement and Games. We will also provide a range of activities to improve their fine motor skills such as cutting, sticking, kneading, drawing and painting. 


Children will have a weekly music session with the school's specialist music teacher.  They will also participate in hymn practices and liturgies.



Children will learn to recognise numbers 0 - 10. Activities will include matching, sorting, sequencing and pattern making. We will teach the children to count to 15 and match objects to numerals, using one to one correspondence. Children will revise the 2D shapes learnt so far and we will introduce the pentagon and hexagon shapes.


Expressive Art and Design

Children will be able to explore different art and materials. They will paint, print, use modelling material and make collage. Children will have opportunities to dress up and role play in our ever changing home corner. They will sing familiar and new songs and play musical instruments. Children have also weekly drama sessions with a specialist teacher.

We would ask your help in sending some egg boxes, yogurt pots, cardboard kitchen rolls or other small items suitable for box modelling.   




Home Learning Board. Thank You Parents and Children!

We enjoyed making Valentine's cards and dressing up for our disco

Food tasting

Robin Hood Pantomime

Children learnt how Chinese people celebrate their New Year and how the years got their names from. The year 2020 is the Year of the Rat.

Children enjoyed taking part in the Dragon dance.

Nativity! We hope you enjoyed the Nativity play as much as we did. For some it was almost too much excitement! Thank you everyone.

We had a visit from the Firebrigade. It was so exciting to see the huge fire engine in our playground.

Father Richard and Father Casper visited our nursery. We learned a lot about baptism. Nursery children enjoyed their role play.

Look at our 'Firework' display. Rockets everywhere!

Teddy Bears Picnic Day

Welcome Party

Learning Through Play

Tuesday   Tuesday 28th January - Chinese Dragon Dance


Tuesday Tuesday 4th February – Pizza Express Visit 

Special a  Children will visit Pizza Express in Abberville Road and will be able to make their own pizzas.


Tuesday Thursday 13th FebruarySt. Valentine's Disco 

Children  Own clothes will be allowed on this day.


Tuesday Tuesday 25th February International Food Afternoon

Children   More details will follow.


Tuesday Tuesday 10th March – Rainbow Day

Children  Children will be able to wear colourful clothes on this occasion.


Wednea Thursday 23rd April (after Easter break) – FS Easter Bonnet Parade

More details will follow.

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