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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Wisdom & Faith

Nursery Mrs Piotrowska / Mrs Pechnig


The Nursery Team
Teachers: Mrs Piotrowska and Mrs Pechnig
(Mrs Mendelssohn provides lunchtime cover for teachers in the morning)
Teaching assistants: Ms Ewelina, Ms Deans, Ms Terri and
Miss Stasiak

Our Topic for this half-term is ‘Water’



We will be looking at different sources of water and their uses. Children will learn about keeping clean as well as studying the seaside and sea life. We will also look at changes in things around us and observe water as it freezes and changes back into water. 


In class we will study the following books:





These books will form the basis for our work in all aspects of the curriculum. 

Religious Education

The focus of our work in Religious Education will be the role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives. We will be exploring the topic of ‘New Life’, and ‘Our World’. We will be helping children to understand the special gift of joy and peace that Jesus gave to the disciples. Children will learn about our wonderful world and how we should look after it.
Communication and Language 

We will read and discuss a wide variety of traditional and modern stories, nursery rhymes and poems in class.  Please continue to read the library books with your children at home. We will play various phonic games and learn more sounds.
All the children who will be starting Reception in September should, by now, be able to write their name.  They should also start to copy other words. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation and for helping your child at home.
Mathematical Development

Every week children learn numbers, shapes and colours.  We shall be studying the following in the coming weeks:  the numbers 1-10, the colours blue, purple, green, brown and introducing some 3D shapes: cone and cylinder. We will be looking at similarities between different shapes, separating small groups of 3 or 4 objects and using positional language. It would be very helpful if you could reinforce these at home


This term's Special Events


Wednesday 8th June – Blue Day (all activities will reinforce the colour blue)
Wednesday 15th June – Horniman Museum and Gardens trip, more details to follow.
Wednesday 22nd June – Beach Day (own beach clothes will be allowed that day). Special attractions will include a paddling pool, sand games and ice cream
Wednesday 6th July – Pirate Day. A chance to wear a pirate’s hat and look for treasure.
Monday 18th July – End of Year party. Donations of party food and drink would be greatly appreciated



Children enjoyed making hats over Easter and had fun showing them off in the Foundation Stage Easter Bonnet Parade  






Children planted cress and beans in containers. They also watched caterpillars change into butterflies.





Children dressed up as their favourite book characters on that special day. They enjoyed choosing and reading their own books. The highlight of the day was Mr Griffin's class visit to enable older children to share books with their younger friends. Great fun was had by all ! 






As part of our Book Week Nursery children had a workshop kindly offered by parents on Satoshi Kitamura's book 'What is Wrong with My Hair?'. Children became familiar with the story and had an opportunity to design their 'own hair style' using a variety of art materials. They used their imagination very well which is clearly evident in all the photographs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 1 Sand play
Picture 2 Number puzzles
Picture 3 Sliding down
Picture 4 Painting
Picture 5 Firefighters' visit
Picture 6 Firefighters' visit
Picture 7 Firefighters' visit
Picture 8 Firefighters' visit
Picture 9 Christmas Nativity Play
Picture 10 Christmas Nativity Play
Picture 11 Christmas Nativity Play
Picture 12 Christmas Nativity Play
Picture 13 Christmas Nativity Play
Picture 14 Christmas Nativity Play
Picture 15 Father Christmas visit
Picture 16 Father Christmas visit
Picture 17 Father Christmas visit
Picture 18 Christmas Party
Picture 19 Christmas Party
Picture 20 Christmas Party
Picture 21 Christmas Party
Picture 22 Making Gingerbread Men
Picture 23 Pizza Day
Picture 24 Practising our Dragon Dance!
Picture 25 The dragon getting tired.
Picture 26 We learnt a lot! Look at our display.
Picture 27 Welcome to Chinese New Year!
Picture 28
Picture 29 We remembered the book our character came from!
Picture 30 World Book Day AM
Picture 31
Picture 32 Do you recognise these characters?
Picture 33 We love reading!
Picture 34 Year 3/4 children came to read with us.
Picture 35 World Book Day Nursery PM
Picture 36 Art Week
Picture 37 Art Week
Picture 38 Art Week
Picture 39 Art Week
Picture 40 Art Week
Picture 41 Art Week
Picture 42 Horniman Museum trip
Picture 43 Horniman Museum trip
Picture 44 Horniman Museum trip
Picture 45 Horniman Museum trip
Picture 46 Horniman Museum trip
Picture 47 Horniman Museum
Picture 48 Horniman Museum
Picture 49 Horniman Museum
Picture 50 Horniman Museum
Picture 51 Water play
Picture 52 Sharing toys
Picture 53 Outdoor play
Picture 54 Construction