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Phonics Screening- Summer Term 2021


In summer term of Year 1 children will complete the Year 1 Phonics Screen. We will be preparing for this throughout the year, as children learn their sounds and how to read. Please look below to learn more about the phonics screen and the many ways you can help your child at home. The phonics screen consists of a mix of 40 real and pseudo words (alien words) that children need to read correctly.



Tips to help practise phonics sounds

  • Look at the word carefully 
  • Decode the word using your phonics knowledge (break the word apart in separate sounds)

t-r-ee          h-igh          b-oy          sh-ou-t

  • Blend the sounds together to say the whole word without any pauses

c-a-t blended is cat          sh-i-p blended is ship

  • Pronounce sounds and words clearly
  • Use a confident and loud speaker voice
  • Take your time
  • Try your best! 

Confused by Phonics?

This video gives you an idea of what the phonics screen is.

Alien Words

Let's sound out some Alien Words! 👽