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Pictures of your wonderful work (updated Thursday 10th December)

Our beautiful RE work on Advent. The children discussed how they prepare for Advent and the symbols associated to Advent.

Our new topic in science is ROCKS. Recently, we acted as ‘Rock Detectives’ and observed many different rocks using a magnifying glass.

During 'Other Faith Week', we had a look at some Jewish Artefacts and what they are used for. For example, the 'skull cap' or 'kippah' is worn as a mark of respect. We also learned about the Jewish Holy Book- Torah and made our own scrolls. Thank you to Miss Guilfoyle for dying the paper with tea.

Bonfire Night art activity over the Houses of Parliament.

Recently, we made our own skeleton models in small groups. We labelled our skeletons using the common names and scientific names for the bones in our body. We really enjoyed this practical activity.

During the month of October, we read stories from other cultures in class. The books we focused on were: Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale. The children identified social, moral, and cultural issues within the story and responded to it (place, time, customs, relationship). The second book we focused on was: Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, a poem written by Maya Angelou (a brave and defiant poem which celebrates the courage within each of us. Finally, the last book we read was Henry’s Freedom Box, a Caldecott Honour Book written by Ellen Levine. It is about a runaway slave named Henry “Box” Brown who thinks of a clever plan to get out of slavery after his family is sold. Children also had the opportunity to learn about inspiring black role models including, Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Rashford and Rosa Parks.

MLK Jr. information booklets

We were inspired by Paul Khlee's 'The Goldfish' in our recent Art lesson. Have a look at our creations below.  

We hope you like them. 

We had a lot of fun learning about right- angles. We went on a 'right- angle' hunt around the school grounds.

Recently, we worked in small groups and acted out a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk. We really enjoyed using finger puppets to bring the story to life.

Some of the children's artwork based on Paul Klee. The artist we are studying this half term.

Meet Paul Klee