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Project Work - Top Secret mission!

Details of the special mission to follow later today... 



Dearest children,


Now is the time to start thinking about our parting gift to St Mary's. It would be really quite amazing if we could create a booklet on the school to present to Miss Pluckrose when we leave. My idea is:

- for the booklet to be 'All About St Mary's'

- include information on the different classes and what they learn about

- have original illustrations in from yourselves

- include poetry/prayers/creative writing about the school

- be a legacy that you can leave (I would like this booklet to stay in the office reception if possible!)


If you have any questions compile them together (I know you are able to communicate easily with each other) and email them to the office email address. I can then answer anything you may be confused about and we can start to compile this exciting gift for the school. It would work well to have certain children working on each part i.e a section for each class, the playgrounds, the lunch hall etc


Please don't tell Miss Pluckrose!


Ms Lankester :)