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Good morning children,


This is the start of our work on preparing for secondary school. I know that for a lot of you this is not the ending you wanted to St Mary's. However, I will be in touch over the coming weeks so we can talk over Google classroom about this. We are all together in this so please do not feel alone in your thoughts - you are not.


Title (as below)

 Lesson 1: Moving to Secondary School

1. Watch the video linked below about Ryan's start to secondary school.

2. What tips did Ryan have for starting secondary school? You may wish to make notes or watch the video again.

3. Write a 5 sentence paragraph detailing the secondary school you are attending.

4. Create a bullet pointed list (no more than 3 bullet points) of something you are worried about in regards to secondary school.

5. You may write a poem/draw a comic strip/create a prayer/write a song on how to start secondary school successfully and to quell those fears. Remember, Ryan in the video said he wished he had spoken up more.


Looking forward to seeing what you create. Do send this over to me on email if you are able.


Ms Lankester :)