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Reception - Miss Cullen

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Welcome to Miss Cullen’s Reception Class


There are 24 amazing children in this class, everyone different but equally important and special!

The class is supported by Mrs Marques.

I am very proud of the children for settling in the way they have and for the parents being so supportive and encouraging.

In reception we are guided by the EYFS learning goals.

Please use the link below to give you more information on the EYFS goals.



The main areas are:

Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Art and

Physical development.


Autumn Term 1

The topic we will be learning about is ‘Ourselves’.

The children will be talking about why they are special and how everyone is different but special in a unique way. We are learning to draw ourselves and other people, focusing on body parts – where they are for and the names.




The School Day


The children daily lessons: Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics.


Phonics involves learning the names of letters and their sounds – this is a vital process for the children to master as it is essential to help with reading, writing and spelling.


It is very important that the letters and numbers are written correctly - the right formation is key for the future.


There are lots of learning tools online that can be used at home.



Games on this website such as:

Word wheel

Reading machine

CVC maker




It is very important that your child is in school every day and we advise that you contact the school office if your child is absent for any reason, and that holidays are during school holiday time.


At home it would be very useful for the children to practise changing their own clothes, using a knife and fork and writing their name.





Label clothes and PE kits (navy blue shorts, white t shirt, black plimsolls, spare underwear and socks)


Book bags - check them daily


Children will be taught to read through phonics - learn letter sounds


Snacks- a small piece of fruit only should be sent in a labelled box for morning playtime. In the afternoons children will be given free fruit from school (if you could take off the skin of an orange this would greatly help your child) 


Tuck shop- Tuesdays and Thursdays 20p, if required

Religious Education


In class we have been learning how to do the Sign of the Cross and The Hail Mary.

We have also been learning a lunch time and home time prayer - thanking God for the lovely food, friends and family that we have everyday.


Topics that we will be looking at:

Myself -God knows and loves each one

Welcome - Baptism: a welcome into God's Family

Birthday - Looking forward to Jesus' Birthday.


It would be wonderful if you could talk to your child about the different topics that we will be doing in class.


A time to thank God for all the wonderful things in our world.

Talk to your child about how lucky we are to have food and how we can give food to charity to share with people who are less fortunate than us.

Special Dates

Christmas Nativity - Miss Cullen's class Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 10am (Miss Cullen's class) and 2.15pm (Miss Holmes' class)

Please bring in costume by Friday 7th December

Please practise lines and songs!

We hope that you can come and watch the children!


School disco in the afternoon on Monday 17th December - children wear their own clothes - please donate £2 into the school as we are raising money for charity.


School Christmas dinner Thursday 20th December- children wear their own clothes.



School closes at 2pm on Friday 21st December for Christmas holidays!

Back on Monday 7th January 2019!!

Reading Books

You should have all received your reading books by now. Please spend at least 5 minutes a day reading with your child.

Below you will find information for 7 reading activities and how to use each book. You can spread these activities out over an entire week should you wish. 

1 -  Please ensure you go through the Speed Sounds on page 2 before you start reading the story.

2 - Read the green and red words for the ditty you are focusing on (there are usually three ditties per book). Remember that green words are decodable, whereas red words are tricky words - you cannot sound them out! Your child will have to learn these words off by heart. 

3 - Each story comes with an introduction. Ensure your child listens to you as you introduce the story. It is a very short introduction so feel free to embellish the introduction to make the story seem more interesting. 

4 - Get your child to read through the ditty (first read). This will be the first read. Support them with any words they are unsure of, or cannot read themselves. Support them with sounding their words out by breaking them into sounds - as an example; swim will become s-w-i-m, or splash will become s-p-l-a-sh. 

5 - Get your child to re-read their ditty (second read) and go through the 'questions to talk about' on page 15. 

6 - Re-read the ditty (third read) and ensure your child uses a lot more expression and fluency. Encourage them to read as if they are story tellers. This skill comes with practice and confidence. 

7 - After you have read the 3 ditty stories, go through the speed sounds on page 16. How quickly can your child read the words? Make a game of it and time them. If they beat their original time, you could reward them!

Image result for rwi inc ditty books


Your child will receive 4 spellings a week to learn and a spelling test every Friday.

Spellings going home on Friday 23rd November.

First spelling test on Friday 30th November.



Correct letter formation is very important.


Here are the following words your child will be learning to read and spell:

45 sight words - children should be able to read write and spell

Continue to send into school any observations or pictures you take of your child in relation to any learning so we can share with the class.


Reading Books


We have learnt all of these sounds in class: 

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z sh ch th nk ng qu


Please practise each sound and see if you child can make any simple words with the letters (e.g cat sat pin thin pink egg chin ant ball dog get he in jump)



Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)


Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents, teachers and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.


jolly phonics complete A Z

Uploaded by chingkit20 on 2014-06-14.

Jolly phonics phase 1

Uploaded by Genimar Aranguren on 2015-09-07.

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents, teachers and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.

Counting Numbers | Numbers 1-20 Lesson for Children

"Counting Numbers 1-20" is a fun video for kids that teachers how to count from 1 to 20. The first scene slowly introduces the numbers 1-20 by counting little stars on the screen, first counting from 1-20, then counting backwards from 20-1.

Thank you for all your support with our Nativity. I am sure you would agree that Nursery and Reception performed and looked absolutely fantastic! Thank you for bringing in the costumes and helping your child learn their lines and songs.



Christmas Nativity

Welcome back! 

Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy and peaceful year.

In our class we will be trying to be more kind and helpful as our new year resolution :)

Keep looking at this page for updates on what is happening in our class this term! 


Spring term - 2019


Our topic this term is ‘Food’.


Image result for healthy eating plate


In class we will be talking and learning about food.


Please talk to your children about the importance of healthy eating and making good healthy choices.


Food: throughout this term we will be learning the names of different fruit and about the different food groups and what our body needs to stay healthy.


It is essential that children within the EYFS learn about food and develop healthy eating habits, to ensure effective nutrition throughout their life. It’s a great way to link it back with our seasons, with a focus on seasonal produce. It will also link in with our PSED learning as we will be discussing the importance of healthy bodies, minds, and teeth. All of our weekly learning objectives surround a book. Stories are one of the oldest forms of teaching. It was the way that information was passed down. And now using stories to introduce and teach topics, allows for your child to become fully engrossed and captivated. This theme of food examines not only the importance of a healthy body but also healthy eating. A healthy body is not just about being fit - in reality it is a combination of many factors, of which exercise is a small part. A healthy body is achieved not only with physical well-being but also with a healthy mental and spiritual attitude. The way to good health and a healthy body is directly related to what is put into that body and how it is treated. Eating well is an essential part of being healthy, and can help us perform well and feel our best.


Some of the books that we will be reading as a class and doing work on include:

The Gingerbread Man

Handa’s Surprise

Oliver’s Vegetables

The Enormous Turnip


We will be learning Set 2 sounds. 



These can be very tricky for the children because there will be 2/3 letters making one sound or the same letters for 2 different sounds - please help your child at home with the new sounds.

 At this stage, they need to be secure with the single sounds of the alphabet please practise at home.


We will continue to recap over our Set 1 Sounds and introduce the first 4 sounds in the second set, which are;
ay – may I play
ee – what can you see?
igh – fly high
ow – blow the snow

oo - poo at the zoo

oo - look at a book

ar - start the car

or - shut the door

air - that's not fair

ir - whirl and twirl

ou - shout it out

oy - toy for a boy





Homework Books - Spring 1 2019

This term your child will take home a ‘homework book’ containing literacy and numeracy activities. Homework books are sent home every Monday and we would ask that you return homework books every Friday.

Here are a few websites that you might like to explore with your child:


Alphablocks - lots of videos and games to help with recognising letters and reading. We watch Alphablocks in school so your child might recognise some of these already!

Phoneme pop! - the sounds/letters drift by on bubbles and your child has to pop the matching sound!

Letters and sounds initial sound game - this game lets your child reveal a sound/letter and then try to find the picture that starts with the same sound.

BBC bitesize - this game allows your child to listen to the sounds in a word and to pick the correct letter. Then they can see what word they have made with all of the sounds together.

Phonics play - there are several free games to play that will help your child with their blending and segmenting.

Topics that will be covered in our Religion lessons include:

Celebrating: People celebrate in church

Gathering: Parish family gathers to celebrate Eucharist

Growing: Looking forward to Easter

Other Faith: Islam


Class liturgy: Thursday 21st March 2019 at 10.10 in the main hall - Family welcome.


Prayers the children say in class:

The Hail Mary

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


Grace before meals


Bless us Oh Lord, as we sit together,

Bless the food we eat today,

Bless the hands that made the food,

Bless us Oh Lord,



Home time prayer


God our Father, I come to say, thank you for your love today.

Thank you for me family and all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light. Amen.

Dear Parents,

The children have been learning the phonics sounds - below is a list of the sets that the children will learn.


We have learnt set 1 along with a rhyme that helps us remember how to write the letter.

We are now learning set 2


I thought this image would be very useful for you to be aware of and help your children at home.


Thank you

Special dates:


Class liturgy 21st March at 10.10am main hall


International Food Day 13th February at 2:00 - 3:00 in the main hall.

Please bring in some food from your home country to share with others. 

Family welcome 


International Food Afternoon. 

Dear parents,

Please ensure all food is brought into school on Wednesday 13th February. 


If you are attending the event, bring your food dish with you from 1:45pm. If you are unable to attend, please send your food dish in with your child in the morning. 

Please ensure all food which is brought to school is completely nut free. 

To confirm, the afternoon will begin at 2:15pm and will last for 45 minutes. Please feel free to attend from 1:45pm onwards. 


We would appreciate any help from parents to set up and then tidy away after the event.


Easter Bonnett Parade - May 2019


Class trip - Tuesday 2nd April - within school hours


Reception trip - June 2019




Please remind your children to

  •  wear a coat for going outside
  • go to the toilet before school, break time, dinner time and play time
  • drink water after learning time on the carpet, free flow and during all of the breaks

Summer 1 and 2


Topics: Fairy tales and Animals


Thursday 9th May

Thank you to all the parents who helped make an Easter Bonnet for your child and thank you for coming to our Easter Liturgy

Religion Topics Summer term


Good News –passing on the Good News of Jesus

Friends:-Friends of Jesus

Our World-God’s wonderful world


Dear Parents,

You should have recieved a letter about our class trip to the Zoo.

Please talk to me if you have any questions.

Thank you Miss Cullen

Whole class professional photographs and with siblings - Friday 17th May

Reception Learning goals to achieve by the end of the school year.

Timetable - Subject to change