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Welcome to Miss Cullen’s Reception Class Page


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Welcome to Miss Cullen’s Reception Class


There are 24 amazing children in this class, everyone different but equally important and special!

The class is supported by Mrs Marques.

I am very proud of the children for settling in the way they have and for the parents being so supportive and encouraging.

In reception we are guided by the EYFS learning goals.

Please use the link below to give you more information on the EYFS goals.



The main areas are:

Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language,  Numeracy, Literacy, Understanding the World, Art and

Physical development.

Prayers the children say in class:


The Hail Mary

Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.


Grace before meals


Bless us Oh Lord, as we sit together,

Bless the food we eat today,

Bless the hands that made the food,

Bless us Oh Lord,



Home time prayer


God our Father, I come to say, thank you for your love today.

Thank you for me family and all the friends you give to me.

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light. Amen.



Religious Education


In class we have been learning how to do the Sign of the Cross and The Hail Mary.

We have also been learning a lunch time and home time prayer - thanking God for the lovely food, friends and family that we have everyday.


Topics that we will be looking at:

Myself -God knows and loves each one

Welcome - Baptism: a welcome into God's Family

Birthday - Looking forward to Jesus' Birthday.


It would be wonderful if you could talk to your child about the different topics that we will be doing in class.


It is very important that your child is in school every day and we advise that you contact the school office if your child is absent for any reason, and that holidays are during school holiday time.


At home it would be very useful for the children to practise changing their own clothes, using a knife and fork and writing their name.



Label clothes and PE kits (navy blue shorts, white t shirt, black plimsolls, spare underwear and socks)


Book bags - check them daily


Children will be taught to read through phonics - learn letter sounds


Snacks- a small piece of fruit only should be sent in a labelled box for morning playtime. In the afternoons children will be given free fruit from school (if you could take off the skin of an orange this would greatly help your child) 


Tuck shop- Tuesdays and Thursdays 20p, if required

One small piece of fruit or one 20p - not both

Children only have 15 minutes for break. We would love them to eat their snack and play outside.

 Ensure all uniform is correct and fully labelled. 

- Your child needs a school book bag and water bottle (for new pupils a school book bag and water bottle will be provided this week). 

- Ensure all coats are navy blue or black

- Parent Pay usernames and passwords will be sent out this week - a portal for you to order PE bags, ties, hats, book bags. 

- Reading books will be sent out after the October Half Term - dates to be confirmed.

- Sight words - 4 spellings to be sent home weekly for home work. Please practice these daily as they will be in preparation for our weekly spelling test on a Friday morning. All sight words to be sent out after the October half term. 

Snacks - please send your child into school with a recognisable piece of fruit in a labelled Tupperware box. On Tuesday and Thursdays you may send your child in with 20p and they can select a piece of fruit from our tuck shop. 

- Birthdays - you may bring in one small sweet for each child to celebrate your child's birthday. Please no nuts or eggs due to allergies. Please ensure any baked goods are fully packaged and contain an ingredients listing for allergies. 

- PE Kits in a red drawstring PE bag which can be purchased through Parent Pay - navy blue shorts, white t-shirt, black plimsolls.



It is important to be at school each day and on time so that we can learn something new each day.

We building on our learning each day.

 We are aiming for 100% every week

Play Dough Fun


We have play dough disco. This is exercise for the fingers to help improve fine motor control and gross motor skills.


Fine motor control is developed through pinching, poking, rolling and squeezing.


If you would like to have a go at home, have a go with these ideas:


* roll it into a ball

* roll it into a sausage

* squeeze it

* poke it

* flatten it

* pinch it


At home please let your child to use Lexia. This is a great interactive spelling and reading programme.


Your child's username and password was sent home - contact your teacher if you need this information again.


Lexia does not work in Internet Explorer, please try another browser such as Google Chrome or Safari instead.


Please encourage your child to use Mathletics on a regular basis. This is a wonderful interactive maths programme provided by the school.


Your child's username and password was sent home - contact your teacher if you need this information again.



Below are the letters of the alphabet and rhymes to help your child learn how to write each letter.

Practise saying and writing these with your child.

We use them in school.

Alphabet Hand writing

Alphabet Hand writing 1

Below is the list of phonics your children will be learning.

Set 1 then set 2 then set 3.

Beside each letter is a phrase to help your child remember the letter and sound.

Practise saying these and learning the letter sound with your child.

We use this in school.


Phonics 1

Numbers - handwriting and recognising the amount and number

Numbers - handwriting and recognising the amount and number  1
Numbers - handwriting and recognising the amount and number  2
Numbers - handwriting and recognising the amount and number  3
Numbers - handwriting and recognising the amount and number  4
Numbers - handwriting and recognising the amount and number  5

Save the Dates


Monday 30th September - Year of The Word begins. 


Thursday 3rd October - Infant Harvest Liturgy at 10:10am in the main hall - parents, please feel free to attend. 


Tuesday 15th October - Open Afternoon - 2 - 3pm - Parents, you are warmly invited to attend our open afternoon. It will give you the chance to see your child's learning in full action. It will be Reception's Free Flow time and is a lovely opportunity to see your child apply all their developing skills during independent play. 


Thursday 17th October - Last day of the half term! Please send your child to school as normal. Pick up time will be 3:30pm. 


Friday 18th October - No school. School will be closed to all pupils. Staff INSET. 


Monday 28th October - Back to school for the start of the autumn 2 term. 


Wednesday 11th December - Foundation Stage Christmas Nativity - 2:00pom in the school hall.



Friday 6th December: 3:30 Christmas art work in the mall hall - everyone welcome. 

Wednesday 11th December: Reception Nativity at 2:00


Christmas Fair: Friday 13th December 3:30-5:30pm


Christmas lunch for children: Thursday 19th  December


Autumn term ends: Friday 20th 2019 (Finish at 2pm) 

Class time table - subject to change