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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Reception Miss Holmes

In St Mary’s RC Primary School we believe that all children are entitled to high quality, engaging and creative early year’s education.

The Early Years Foundation Stage framework sets the standards for learning and development; it focuses upon the development of the whole child through seven different areas.
The Prime Areas include:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy.


The Specific areas include:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.


It is our aim to provide a rich and creative curriculum where children are provided with opportunities to play and explore, where they can find out new things, play with what they know and are confident to ‘have a go’.


We ensure children are actively learning, where they are motivated, involved, have a desire to push themselves further and enjoy achieving their learning targets. We encourage children to follow their creativity and to have the confidence to express their own ideas. We ensure that our activities are engaging and very practical in nature, we take on board a creative and cross curricula approach.  This allows for your child to access the curriculum in a confident manner whilst strengthening their imagination, their ability to communicate and express their ideas and feelings.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


We will encourage all children to develop their social skills allowing them to take turns, build meaningful friendships, have good manners and ensure they are developing their listening skills. All children are expected to follow the class and wider school rules.


Physical Development

Throughout the school year, we will have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday. This half term we will focus on movement in a variety of ways as well as learning different games. We will also incorporate class based activities to develop their fine motor skills.


Communication and Language

Througout Reception, it is our aim to create a language rich environment. Children will be introduced to a variety of vocabulary through our rich curriculum. They will also be provided with opportunties to develop their use of language through class discussions and recreating role play experiences.




We incorporate daily phonics lessons where children will learn the Set 2 initial letter sounds before moving on to Set 3 diagraphs.


For more information on the phonics scheme we use, please follow the link below: 


The children will be introduced to a variety of texts throughout the termm linking to our topic. Examples include; The Three Little Pigs, Kipper's Birthday, Elmer, and Owl Babies.


Throughout the half term, your child will learn how to correctly form the letters of the alphabet, ensuring they can correctly write their name. We will also provide them with ample opportunties for independent and adult led writing during 'Free Flow' activities.



In mathematics this half term we will focus on counting, ordering and matching numbers to counted objects. We will be focusing on number formation. Some resources we use in class are as follows; number cards, number lines, Numberjacks, and El Numbre. We will also be focusing on finding one more and one less than a given number.

During our space, shape and measure lessons, we will focus on matching, sorting and discussing 2D shapes and their properties.


Understanding the World

Our Understanding the World lessons will be linked to our half termly topic. 


Expressive Arts and Design
Your child will be creating different types of music and singing new and familiar songs both with their class teacher and their music teacher, Miss Haynes.  The children will have opportunities to explore different media including painting, junk modelling and collage making, all of which will be linked to our weekly literacy focus, ensuring we are developing a cross curricula and creative approach to their learning.   They will also be encouraged to act in a variety of roles in the role play area and small world activities.


During free learning choices, we will encourage your child to express themselves through the use of junk modelling. If you have any recyclable items at home, such as cereal boxes, egg boxes, clean and emptied milk cartons, water bottles etc. please bring them in to school with your child.


Our Timetable: 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Phonics
  • Literacy
  • Drama
  • Understanding the World
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Circle Time
  • Computing
  • Phonics
  • Mathematics
  • Hymn Practice
  • Phonics
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Infant Liturgy
  • Phonics
  • Literacy
  • Religious Education
  • French
  • Art
  • Literacy
  • Phonics
  • Physical Education