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Reception - Miss Murphy



Miss Murphy’s Reception Class



In Miss Murphy’s Class there are 25 children. The class is supported by Mrs Cooling and Mrs Marques.


Last week we had our Easter Bonnet Parade. We enjoyed telling everyone about the Easter Story and all the things we learnt about Spring and New Life.


Check out our amazing hats!  We would like to thank all the parents for making these wonderful creations.




In Reception we provide a range of stimulating activities that give the children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress though out the school and life.


We follow the EYFS learning goals. You can find these goals on the following link:


The prime areas of learning are:

Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language, Mathematics and

Physical development.


Summer Term 1


Our topic this term is ‘Bears’. 

Some of the books we will cover this term are:


In class we will be undertaking various activities based on this topic.We will discuss these books in class and complete work related to these books. We will learn facts about bears and their habitats e.g. Panda bears live in China, Polar bears eat fish.  


Our Day

We have a daily phonics, mathematics and literacy lessons.


This term we our learning the letter names and sounds which help us develop our reading and writing skills.


You can practise these sounds at home.



This term we will learn the following sounds:




In Literacy we listen to various stories we enjoy acting these stories out and we like to write about what we are learning.


What we are focusing on in literacy this term

  • To blend three sounds together to say the word

  • To ‘chop up’ simple words into their individual sounds

  • To begin to read words and simple sentences

  • To use clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning

  • To write their name and other things such as labels and captions.

  • To join in with stories and rhymes

  • Attempt to write short sentences

  • Read words in sentences


There are lots of things that you can do at home to help your child with literacy such as: spending time exploring books, asking your child questions about the books you have read together, practicing writing their name and identifying the letters that appear in their name and playing games with letters.




In maths our activities include counting, adding and subtracting, 2D/3D shapes, time, weight and height.


What we are focussing on in numeracy this term

  • To recognise the numbers to  20
  •  To count objects  to 20
  • To write numerals to 20
  • Using mathematical names for 2D/3D shapes
  • Begin to use everyday language related to money and to identify 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins
  • To identify o'clock times
  • To estimate how many objects are in a set and then check by counting them

  • To find the total in two groups by counting all of them



There are also lots of things that you can do with your child at home to help with their numeracy such as looking at numbers in your home environment ie what numbers can you see on the doors on your street?, singing number songs which encourage counting, counting objects or actions around the home (counting steps going up and down the stairs) and playing games that involve numbers.



PE – we have PE twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. In PE we learn many skills such as catching, kicking and throwing. We enjoy taking part in gymnastics and dance lessons.


Our timetable
















Hymn Practice








Knowledge and understanding of the world









Homework Books

This term your child will take home a ‘homework book’ containing literacy and numeracy activities. Homework books are sent home every Monday and we would ask that you return homework books every Friday.





Reading Books


Children will continue to take home a book from our class library. Children will also take home a book from our RML reading scheme. Please spend 5-10 minutes every night reading with your child. Discuss the book with your child and encourage your child to talk about the pictures. We would encourage all parents to write a short comment in your child’s reading record book. 




Things to do at home

Please continue to encourage your child to dress and undress themselves. Continue to send into school any observations or pictures you take of your child in relation to our topic to share with our class.


Break time snacks

Children can bring in a healthy fruit snack for break everyday. Every Tuesday and Thursday tuck shop is available in school at a cost of 20p.


Dates for your diary

Reception Class Liturgy - Thursday 11th May at 10.10 a.m

SCHOOL IS CLOSED - Thursday 8th June

Zoo Trip - Thursday 15th June 




Please use the links below to support your child’s learning.


Games on this website such as:

Word wheel

Reading machine

CVC maker