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Dear girls and boys, here is your science work for the next two weeks. We are continuing the topic looking at adaptation and variation. 

(1)   Please watch this film which shows examples of animals with very good camouflage. Make some notes: simply name each animal and write a sentence about each one. Put them in order up to your number 1:

This will give you a clearer understanding of camouflage with examples you can use in your composition.


(2)   Now watch this film. Once again make notes. This time use bullet points to explain why the number of black moths went up and down. Write 7-10 bullet points.


(3)   Attached is a Cloze Procedure on the concept of adaptation. As usual, use block capitals to fill in the missing words. Highlight the words in the box as you use them. Use a dictionary or thesaurus to help. Once you have completed filling in the blanks, complete the following opener in SEVEN different ways: “I am delighted to know that…”


(4)   Now you can tackle Questions 3 and 4 – see attached. Remember to punctuate your answers.


(5)   Composition: please write a composition entitled ANIMAL CAMOUFLAGE. Use the guidance sheet and aim to get all the work done by Friday 15th May.


You will see that the mark scheme for questions 1 and 2 is now posted. Show it to your parents and make sure that you get their permission to use it.


Thank you to those who have sent in samples of work. I will be selecting some of the best and asking your teacher to post on the class page. 


As we enter the month of May increase your prayer to Our Lady and do not forget to pray for me. 


Queen of the May, pray for us. 


Best wishes to you and your family. 

Mr Naughton

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