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Science: Week beginning 15th June 2020 - INHERITANCE. All guidance and links are on this powerpoint


Watch this video which explains how we inherit many things from our parents, while we learn other things. What we inherit and what we learn make us who we are. Look out for the American spellings - knowing the difference bewtween US and UK spellings is a great help for your spelling e.g. behaviour vs behavior.

Reading - INHERITANCE - fill in the blanks

MARK SHEET - Hibernation and migration: use this to mark your Cloze Procedure. Check with your parents first. Marks out of 20.

COMPOSITION GUIDANCE - 'How I Survive the Winter'

Greatest Genetics Discoveries: Gregor Mendel

Known as the father of genetics, Fr Gregor Mendel's study of how inheritance works laid the foundation for our understanding of the rules about inheritance of traits. Watch this video - it is an excellent introduction what you will be studying in secondary school. Mendel.