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Friday 19th June

Good morning boys and girls.

It is the great solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Let's begin with a prayer: In the name of the Father...

                                 Hail Mary...

                                       Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

                                                    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.

                                               In the name of the Father...


Keep up the good work on on MATHLETICS -

continue to make sure that you are keeping up.


Today is it the 2x or the x2? It is the 2x...

2 ones are 2, 2 twos are 4, 2 threes are 6, 2 fours are 8...and so on up to 12x12.

(see GRID below)


White Rose Maths has a series of films on MONEY -

watch the 1st about POUNDS and PENCE at the link below.

Go back and check Monday's work.


(Answer sheet for yesterday - see link below.

Ask mother or father for permission)


 Today we are going to do some ARITHMETIC REVISION - 

have squared paper ready: watch the film and do the test as you are going along.


Spend ten minutes playing BINGO to do some DIVISION REVISION - see link below.


Don't forget to end your lessons with a prayer...



White Rose - film...Pounds and pence

Revision of Year 4 ARITHMETIC

Working through the Year 4 Mid-year test - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions