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Thursday 11th June



Good morning children it is Thursday 11th June I hope to find you well. Frankie (and the Year 6's) have been working hard at school. I hope you have been working hard at home and behaving for your parents.




I would like you to write a poem today. Because we don't have a focus as such (we should be reading The Ironman!) you can decide what you'd like to base your poem on. You could write it about summer or maybe lockdown! You could write it as an acrostic poem (you were all good at that) or rhyming couplets perhaps. I've added a couple below to give you some inspiration. 



Maths - Year 3



Maths - Year 4



Follow the link below to the PE section of the website. Time to get active! See how many star jumps you can do in one minute. Challenge your brothers/sisters or maybe even a parent!