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Thursday 14th May


'Success is the sum of small efforts,

repeated day in and day out.'

Robert Collier

Morning message from Miss Rodger

Please note, both Year 3 and Year 4 spelling lists are at the bottom of this page.


For today's English task please read 'The Garden Year' by Sara Coleridge then answer the questions attached below.

RE task: The coming of the Holy Spirit. 


Recall the promise of the Holy Spirit based on Acts 2:1-18, 43 The Coming of the Holy Spirit (recording below).

Mary and the apostles were in Jerusalem living quietly together.            

They were uncertain as to what to do but wait.  There were lots of people in the city at that time because it was the Jewish feast of Pentecost, that is thanksgiving for the harvest.


Listen to the audio message below.

Based on Acts 2: 1-18, 43

The Good News of God’s love and power spread like sparks from a fire and warmed the people’s hearts towards God and one another.  The people who were watching were astonished when they saw how much they loved one another.  The Holy Spirit inspired a new way of living.         


Key questions to think about:

  1. Why were the friends of Jesus hidden away when the crowds were celebrating in Jerusalem?
  2. Why do you think that the coming of the Holy Spirit was likened to strong wind and tongues of fire?
  3. Are there any questions that you could think of, after listening to this passage that might be difficult to answer?                                                                     (Answer questions orally)



Using the image attached below, imagine you are the follower of Jesus in blue addressing the crowd.  Write what you would say in a big speech bubble, telling them how the power and energy of the Pentecost experience has changed you and the wonder and awe you experienced.


Year 3/4 spelling lists