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Thursday 16th July


Thursday 16th July 2020

Morning children and parents!


Children’s daily work (can be altered to suit your home and family life):


  • Phonics (20 mins) and handwriting (15 mins)
  • English
  • Maths
  • Other subject
  • Reading books at home
  • Playtime



Morning Prayer – Hail Mary


Thank you Lord for this new day in my school/home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long, in every story, game, and song. May all the happy things we do, make you our Father happy to.



What day was yesterday?

What day is it?

What day will it be tomorrow?

What month is it?

What date is it?

What is the weather like?

What is the season?



Practise saying the sounds everyday with your child

Set 1

a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x w z sh ng nk th ch

Set 2

ay ee igh ow oo 00 ar or air ir ou oy

Set 3

ire ear ure ea aw are ur ow oi ai oa ew er

 a_e   i_e    o_e    u_e

Today’s theme is Fairy Tale


Story of the day: Read the story ‘Princess and the Pea’.

Retell the story.

What happens in the story? What happens at the start, middle and end?

What is your favourite part of the story?

Can you could draw a picture or write a sentence of your favourite part?

Optional activities to do at home:


Draw a castle picture. Can you draw different sized towers and colourful windows? Can you add in a garden? What colours will you need?


Write about what you would do if you were a princess/prince.

If I was a princess, I would live in a castle. I will help the people. I will wear a pretty dress. I will wear a crown on my head. I will marry a prince. etc


Research Castles and a Palace. What do castles look like? Have you seen Buckingham Palace? Ask an adult to help you use the internet. Can you draw pictures? Can you label your pictures?


Make a necklace for a Queen/Princess.

Make a sword for a Prince.

Draw a picture of a horse for your prince or princess.


Make a castle using junk modelling. You can use boxes, bottles, paper, toilet roll holders.


Build a castle. Use objects from your home to build it. You could use Lego, building blocks or play dough etc.