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Thursday 18th June


Thursday 18th June 2020

Morning children and parents!


Children’s daily work (can be altered to suit your home and family life):


  • PE with Joe
  • Phonics (20 mins) and handwriting (15 mins)
  • English
  • Maths
  • Other subject
  • Reading books at home
  • Playtime


Time to get active!

P.E with Joe Wicks - Monday to Friday 9am live on YouTube - The Body Coach



Morning Prayer – Hail Mary


Thank you Lord for this new day in my school/home to work and play.

Please be with me all day long, in every story, game, and song. May all the happy things we do, make you our Father happy to.



What day was yesterday?

What day is it?

What day will it be tomorrow?

What month is it?

What date is it?

What is the weather like?

What is the season?



Practise saying the sounds everyday with your child

Set 1

a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x w z sh ng nk th ch

Set 2

ay ee igh ow oo 00 ar or air ir ou oy

Set 3

ire ear ure ea aw are ur ow oi ai oa ew er

 a_e   i_e    o_e    u_e


SOUND to practise today: er


er – better letter


  1. Practise writing words with er in them - for example: letter, better, jumper, her, tower, shower, lower, river, butter…
  2. Can you think of anymore words with er in them?
  3. Sound out each word for example: sh-ow-er
  4. Use your fingers to show how many sounds there are in a word
  5. Ask your child how many letters in each of the words listed above and any other words your child can think of – for example shower has 6 letters
  6. Ask your child how many sounds in each of the words listed above and any other words your child can think of – for example sh-ow-er has 3 sounds.

'er' Words | Phonics Phase 3

Let's sound out some 'er' words! If you would like your children to sound out independently, simply mute the video.

er | Fun Phonics | How to Read | Made by Kids vs Phonics

Help your children learn how to pronounce the "er" Level 6 phonetic sound with this fun educational video! ☀ Best Kids Songs & Stories


Check out the following website to help with reading and phonics.


This is the RWI website - the books the children read in school and at home.



To help children learning to read at home during school closure, we are streaming phonics, reading and spelling lessons every weekday on our YouTube channel.

Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.


Open the document below and practise reading simple sentences

Sound out each letter

Blend the sounds together and say the word

Read the whole sentence



  1. Re-tell to the story ‘Cinderella’.
  2. What happens in the story? What do the characters do? What do they say?
  3. Make a story mountain to show what happens in the story.
  4. Draw an outline of a mountain and draw the main parts of the story – the start, middle and end of the story.
  5. Your pictures don’t have to be the same as mine but they may give you some ideas.
  6. Or you can sequence the story with pictures.


 Remember to use your fingers when sounding out your words, finger space between each word and full stop at the end of the sentence.


Parents – can write tricky words and you can copy them or you can try really hard and sound out every word by yourself!



This week we will be learning about addition.

  • Star words you will need: add, addition, is equal to, equation, number, object, number bond, ten frame, part, whole, part-part-whole model
  1. Listen to the video about the part-part-whole model.
  2. Collect 20 objects from your home e.g. pens, toys.
  3. Put the 20 objects into the whole section. 20 is the whole.
  4. Separate your 20 objects into the two parts. How many objects are in each part? Count each part.
  5. What is the whole? Count the whole (how many objects there are altogether).
  6. You could write the numbers down.
  7. How many ways can you make 20? E.g. 15 objects in one group and 5 objects in the other group.
  8. Say it in a full sentence e.g. “I have 15 objects in this part and 5 objects in this part. The whole is 20. 15 and 5 makes 20. 15 add 5 is equal to 20.”
    Key questions: Can you show how to make 20 using a part-part-whole model? How many different ways can you make 20? Can you say the equation in a full sentence?

Addition: part-part-whole model


Make a Father’s Day card for your dad or a card for someone special who helps/looks after you – sshhh don’t tell them! Give that special person the card on Sunday and give the person a big hug and say thank you for everything you do for me.


Daily Task

Tidy your house or room.

Pick a nice outfit to wear for a ball at your home tomorrow!