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Thursday 18thJune

Good Morning St Mary's children and families!

Let's start with a prayer:

Let Jesus come in

I hope you are all healthy and safe. It's Thursday today and tomorrow another week of learning and fun will have passed. How time flies!

Well, today I decided to have a private prayer in our local church. I feel a bit sad as I couldn't be with my sister for her birthday and yesterday was my son's birthday and I couldn't celebrate with him either. So I spend some time on my own in our local church to talk to God. I thanked him for all the good things he gave me and when I thought about my family, my friends, my school community and lots of other blessings I came out of the church really happy. We are ok for food and water, I didn't get soaked like last time and I met this old lady who lives nearby and we had a chat from the distance. She also felt sad for various reasons and she couldn't go in the shop because she didn't have any money on her. So I got her shopping and she gave me her telephone number to arrange another meeting in the church tomorrow when she can give me the money for her shopping back. And I gave her my telephone number in case she needed anything else or just wanted to talk to somebody. I am really looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow.



Who would you like to see again? Maybe your grandparents or your friend? Maybe a pet like a dog or someone's cat? Or a special place? Can you draw a picture of that person you would like to see again in their favourite place? Like grandma in her garden or uncle on the beach? Have fun!

That reminds me! I had a message from Silvio. Do you remember what he was up to? I worried if Dori Dove didn't manage to take Silvio as far as Scotland. Especially when the weather turned a bit rough. Silvio and Dori had to stop half way and stay in a safe place overnight. Silvio is getting a bit grumpy because he really wants to see his older brother. He should arrive today. I can't wait for another message from him.

Ah, there it is! Look what happened.

Because of the wind in Scotland Dori and Silvio had a rough landing in a big tree. Thank goodness they were ok. But now Silvio has to find his brother's house and he forgot to take the map. He does know his brother's address but how will he find it? Anyway, Silvio had to say 'Good bye' to Dori as she had to get back to her family and suddenly he felt very sad and lonely. Silvio also realised how hungry and thirsty and tired he was. He started walking to get out of the woods and hoped he would find the road to Dumfries and his brother's house. Let's hope he'll get there before dark.

As soon as I hear from Silvio I'll let you know. Can you think of him and draw a picture to wish him 'Good Luck'?

Did you have a look at the map on Tuesday? Here it is again, just to remind ourselves.

Can you see Simon's house? That's where Silvio's brother lives. Let's hope he'll get there soon.

By the way, did you draw a map of your estate where you live?

Do you know your address here in London? Have you been to some places in Central London? Like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament? Or Tower Bridge?

We want to talk about special places tomorrow. Can you think of a special place? Maybe where you go to school or to church with your family. Or where you go to visit someone from your family-here in London or far away or maybe even the shop where you buy your treats. It can be anywhere!

Here is a story from Raymond Briggs 'The Bear' if you want to listen to a bear story.

'The Bear' Raymond Briggs cassette audiobook

And here is a song that was written for the story.

Howard Blake - The Bear - Somewhere a Star Shines - Charlotte Church

There are lots of 'Bear' stories and I will update you what happened to Silvio tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the day and make sure you stay safe and dry when you go out in the rain.

See you tomorrow.