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Thursday 19th November

Good morning lovely children.

Can you make someone smile today?


Today is Thursday the 19th of November.


  • What is the day of the week?
  • What is the month of the year?
  • What is the weather today?
  • What season is it?


Let’s start our day with a prayer.


Thank you Lord for this new day
in my home (school) to work and play.

Please be with me all day long,

in every story, game and song.

May all the happy things we do,

Make you our Father happy too.



  • Phonics: air and ir sound
  • English: Introduction to adjectives
  • Maths: Systematic number bonds within 10
  • Art/PSHE: Ways I am special and self-portraits





Our sounds of the week are:

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'air' sound

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'ir' sound

   Spellings with the air sound.                          Spellings with the ir sound.



Let's have a look at some more words with the air and ir sounds.



English: Adjectives

Google Meet 9:25am

We have been learning about nouns in our English lessons. We know that they are naming words for people, places, things and animals. 



We have also been learning about proper nouns where the specific names of people, places and things get a special capital letter. Days of the week and months of the year too!


Today we are learning that adjectives describe our nouns.



We will read through the learning slides together and then complete one of the three worksheets. 

Big, Big, Big | Adjectives Song for Kids





Maths: Number bonds
Google Meet 11:00am


We have been learning about the part whole model and how to add 2 parts together to make a whole.


We have been learning about number bonds/pairs. In our lesson today we will be learning about systematic number bonds. This means that the number pairs are done in order.

Can you see the order?



The activity sheets are in order from towards ability, middle ability and higher ability. Choose one to complete.





Art/PSHE: Self-portraits
Google Meet 1:00pm


Today we will be learning about how we are all special but how each of us is different. How wonderful is that? Think about what makes you different from other children and what makes you special.


You have a choice of two activities. You can design a shield with words and pictures showing ways you are special or you can draw a self-portrait of yourself. You can also complete both tasks if you wish to do so. Have fun smiley


How To Draw a Quick, Simple, and Easy Self-Portrait