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St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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Thursday 19th November

Dear Children, please complete the maths, English and Science tasks:

  • The maths task involves partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and ones in different ways.
  • For the English task, I would like you to imagine you are Rapunzel and write a diary page. You could be locked in the tower or rescuing the prince in the woods. If you prefer, you could imagine you are the prince and write a diary page imagining you have been saved by Rapunzel. You decide.
  • Your science task will involve some research. Please choose an animal and complete the fact file or choose the sheet where you classify whether the animal lives in a hot or a cold environment.


Additional task: We have been exploring the themes of friendship and bullying during Anti-bullying Week. You could use the friendship colouring sheets to make a poster and use a slogan such as 'Be a buddy, not a bully' or 'We are all friends together' on the bottom of your poster.