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Thursday 21st May

It is mental health awareness week.

I hope you - parents, children and families are keeping well. We are all trying our best in this situation. Please look after your health!

The theme is: Kindness.

Always be kind. This can make all the difference to a person.


If you can please make a poster or write a note with the message: always be kind


Thursday 21st May 2020

Morning children and parents!


Time to get active!

P.E with Joe Wicks - Monday to Friday 9am live on YouTube - The Body Coach


Morning Prayer – Hail Mary


Let the learning begin….


What day was it yesterday?

What day is it?

What day will it be tomorrow?

What month is it?

What date is it?

What is the weather like?

What is the season?



Practise saying the sounds everyday with your child

Set 1

a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x w z sh ng nk th ch

Set 2

ay ee igh ow oo 00 ar or air ir ou oy

Set 3

ire ear ure ea aw are ur ow oi ai oa ew er

a_e   i_e    o_e


NEW SOUND to learn today: u_e


u_e – huge brute


  1. Practise writing words with ay in them - for example: huge, tune, rude, use, June, cute, rule, cube….
  2. Sound out each word for example: h – u g e
  3. Use your fingers to show how many sounds there are in a word or example h – u g e will show 3 fingers
  4. Ask your child how many letters in each of the words listed above – for example h – u g e has 4 letters
  5. Ask your child how many sounds in each of the words – for example h – u g e has 3 sounds


RWI Set 3 Sounds - u-e

U_E | Fun Phonics | How to Read | Magic E | Made by Kids vs Phonics

Help your children learn how to pronounce the ""U_E"" Magic E


  • Count 0-40
  • Practising writing the numbers 0-40 correctly
  • Practise putting numbers in order
    Comparing numbers
    Open the documents below, count the objects and say which number is more or less



  1. Make up your own story ‘Dear Zoo’ and write your story. What happens in the story?
  2. Choose some different animals that is not in the story. Draw your animals.
  3. Think of adjectives (describing words) to describe your animal e.g. noisy, long, gigantic.
  4. Can you label your animal with these words? Remember to use your


 Remember to use your fingers when sounding out your words, finger space between each word and full stop at the end of the sentence.

Parents – can write tricky words and you can copy them or you can try really hard and sound out every word by yourself!


Dear Zoo children's song (based on the book by Rod Campbell) | Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs

A children's musical version of the classic lift-the-flap storybook by Rod Campbell.

Dear Zoo read by Justin Fletcher | CBeebies Bedtime Stories

For more CBeebies Bedtime Stories visit - Join Justin Fletcher as he read a classic Bedtime Story,



This week we will be learning about length.

  • Star words you will need: measure, length, long, short, longer, shorter, longest, shortest, describe, compare
  1. Listen to the video about length.
  2. Today we will be focusing on these ways to describe length: longest, shortest.
  3. Say the star words.
  4. Can you compare objects in your home? Choose three objects and decide which object is the longest and which object is the shortest.
  5. How do you know? Can you measure them by making a tower of cubes e.g. Lego/Duplo/blocks?
    Key questions: Can you compare the length of the objects? Which object is longest and which object is shortest? How do you know? How long are the objects?

Length: longest, shortest


This week is mental health awareness.

Theme: Kindness

I have attached a document with ideas for daily acts of kindness – try and do some of them or all of them over the next few days/weeks.


Think good thoughts about yourself!

Open the document “I am an amazing person”

Read and finish the sentences!

Daily Task

Make numbers will play dough.

Can you make the letters that spell your name with the play dough?