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Thursday 21st May

Morning message from Miss Rodger


'Your day is only as good as YOU make it!'


Science task


Tooth Decay

Discuss the following questions with  your parent or sibling.

What is tooth decay?

What causes tooth decay?

How do you know?


Scientific Enquiry

Why do scientists ask questions?

Why do they carry out enquiries and tests?


Scientific or not?

Task 1- sort the questions into two categories: scientific questions or non- scientific questions. 


Task 2- What makes teeth go bad? 

A home experiment where you will need clean eggshells and liquids (eg water, milk, fizzy drink with sugar, sugar free) to test. 

Please note, if you don't have these items available for today's lesson it can be carried out at a later stage.

What causes cavities? - Mel Rosenberg

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DIY Science Fair Project on Tooth Decay

Eggshells are a good substitute for teeth because they are made from chemicals similar to those that form tooth enamel.

Please note, the eggs must be kept in three separate containers for at least a week.

Thank you
Miss Rodger